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Its my first time in Fiverr

Hi everyone ! I just heard about Fiverr and enrolled to create and customize wordpress sites also c# desktop applications. I made my profile 1 day ago. could anyone tell me how do i receive orders? :frowning:


Keep patience. I received my first order after 3 days of adding gig. Add videos to attract sales. I see it is working for beginners.

  • Chetan :slight_smile:

thank you Chetan…

let me know how to deal with customer and how can i convince the customer, I have 2 years of wordpress and .net experience and have team to work for big projects.

Hi A.samad,

Welcome aboard!

I am sure it won’t take too long before your first order. I agree with Chetan. Maybe if I can add something, social media would be a great place to share your gigs. You won’t believe how effective it is as a marketing place. If you have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media, make sure to share your gigs there, and you can start counting down to your first order! :slight_smile:

Best of luck,



Keep patience my friend… and don’t forget to add videos to your gigs, it’ll make higher impressions and higher conversion.

I can help you if you need it.


againn Video


Thank you alatas… yeah sure i will share it on social media. :slight_smile:


Thank you againn… i will post video to my gigs soon. i will definitely do it .

yeah sure just tell me that how can i convince my buyer.

Welcome to Fiverr. You need to have a specific thing that you will do for $5.00. I am sure in regard to word press, you will not do anything in and everything for as long as the client needs you for 1 $5 bill. That is what your ad implies. Keep it really simple, one problem one solution. Website development is never finished. The client is always changing something, but you give need to have a clear completion point so you can deliver and they have a point of satisfaction. Keep evaluating what the market on Fiverr is buying. Study how others are offering their services in your category. Best of Luck!

If you are a house builder, don’t build an entire hour for $5.00. Just offer to help hang 1 window.

For $5.00 I can hang 1 window for your new house. If you would like more information on me building an entire house, please message me and I would enjoy sending you a custom quote.

My first time too. I’ve joined Fiverr just today. I will be so happy to make friends with you, guys!

Hi there! Maybe you can check here to get some helpful tips and secrets for Fiverr Success!

Same first line

Reply to @madmoo: I need to be in this team now. Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the Fiverr.

Offer the buyer by “Buyer Request” menu. It works! :slight_smile: