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It's my first time using Fiverr and i've already have a problem with a client

So, as i said in the title, a couple of days ago i decided started uploading some gigs to see if this platform really works to sell my illustrations/designs.

A person showed up with a proposal to me about making two illustrations in black and white, i said to him that each one will be $14 (cause is the price i put in that gig), he agreed and then he choose another gig with the lowest price.
The page is showing me that he will be paying only $20 for two full body illutrations. The time for deliver is already running and i don’t know what to do because he should paid $28

Please someone help me :frowning:

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You can send him a request for the additional $8. Fiverr operates on a $5 per gig model scale, so not sure if it’s doable but should be. If he fails to accept that, you can either do it for the $20 and then block him or cancel the order.

Good luck.


Alright, i’m gonna see what can i do, thank you so much!

Hello, you know, only $8 is not that big a difference and since you are new and need some reviews I think you should go ahead and do them for $20. Do you need that $8 more than the review? Or you could even have him ask to cancel.
I just don’t see how $8 is worth the cancellation of this order.


He may have made a mistake in ordering so as others have said $8 isn’t such a big deal. Better to get your reviews going rather than starting with a cancellation.


Of course, i know $8 doesn’t make a big difference, as you say, i’m new here and i won’t cancel the order just for that. I just felt a little bit confused about it.
Probably the problem is mine because i didn’t put many differences between those two gigs, and obviously, if he saw a lower price for almost the same thing, he would definitely go for that cheapest gig.