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It's my Fiverr Pro anniversary!

Hey everyone!

Just got a calendar notification that it’s officially been 3 years since my Pro badge.

I thought it would be a good chance to look into my journey and see if the data validates my decision to join the Pro section of the website.

So I took a quick look into my analytics -the ones that are still working anyways- and came up with these numbers:

Number of clients that purchased a Pro gig:
34 (I am not counting return buyers or revision/update purchases)

Revenue earned via Pro gigs:

Fiverr’s Profit:

Profit pour moi:

That’s a little under 1/4 of my total earnings on the platform.

I am sure there are Pro and non-Pro sellers on the platform that may have earned more, or that maintain a higher profit margin than me.

But for me I think the experiment seems to be a successful one.

My sales are now lower in volume and big ticket item buyers seem to be a bit more rare now, so I needed to look back and put things in perspective. See where I am at and whether or not it’s worth it for me to keep on this “high-budget only” gigs path, or try to get back to the basics and aim for volume vs revenue.

That’s it I guess. :slight_smile:

Once again I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding pricing, strategy,
or growth on the platform.


Best of Luck for future you are doing well


congratulations on your success


It’s quite a long journey!! :leaves: :evergreen_tree:
Congrats & Good Luck for upcoming gigs :slight_smile: :trophy:


Thanks @wp_kid

Time does fly by.

It feels like it was just this past summer.

Fiverr has grown a lot.


Thank you very much for your information.

I’m thinking about going pro.
I’m not sure if it would pay off, though.


Now that’s some class-A trolling right there. :slight_smile:

Thanks @antomtjvc !


congratulations .
Thank you very much for your information.

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Can you give me this in better numbers, How much money you have after all deduction (taxes, utilities, food, gas, house maintenance), monthly?

I can’t say congratulations if you are living in country where expenses eat all your income.

So, maybe, congratulation?

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I wasn’t aware you can’t congratulate someone unless you have all the numbers.


Fiverr is not 100% of my income, I made a post showing my total earnings on the platform earlier this year.

Not sure I need to go into length about what my expenses are or how much I pay in taxes total, plus a list of my assets.

So, thank you?


My point was that these numbers look low comparing to your level of expertise. And combined that with you saying that you are thinking of lowering your prices lead me to think that there is an issue.


I am all for statistical data analysis before saying something conclusive. I overthink things.

Congratulations on your PRO anniversary!!

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Congratulations for your success…

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So me earning $100k in 3 years just from my Pro gigs alone is low for my level of expertise?

OK, by what standards?

Are we talking about just Fiverr?
The global marketplace?

I love talking numbers, you are probably better at this than me. But I also like to keep things in perspective.

So for me Fiverr Pro was an experiment.

I had no idea when I accepted to join that “whale” buyers would come to Fiverr and that I would sell Premium services at a higher price point.

(It’s actually very interesting if you care to dig around for the official thread announcing Fiverr Pro, to see how people were quick to judge whether or not people would buy expensive gigs. I still remember how a few forum members attacked me personally back then.)

I continued selling my regular gigs and felt like if any additional revenue comes my way, then that’s great.

That’s why I started my company in 2018, why I invested in creating a stock portfolio and why I invested in a startup as well: to increase my revenue and diversify.


Hi, First of all. CONGRATULATIONS on your Pro Anniversary. May You get more and more success here.
I just wanted to ask from experieneced sellers that when is it’s right time to increase your gig price from $5.

Well, once again, my brain is all math and statistics. So, yes, this would be low. I just watched your emergency corridor video and I love it. I am going to look for it online so I can share it (link) with my students who are learning how to drive since it explains it better than the book.

I actually did that already. I usually check profiles and past posts and then go back long. I found some interesting posts and topics in 2013 even from some users.

Smart move.

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Thank you.

Well it depends on a lot of things.

What you offer, your target audience, what’s the current rate for projects in your niche all around the world.

It also depends on when you are ready as a freelancer to change your operations.

You see, by raising the price even by just $5 you are immediately going to lose the audience that now considers you a viable option.

Maybe “lose” isn’t the right word. Exchange?

You want to exchange them with a different type of buyer who will go for the $10 price tag.

And you must always keep in mind that you can’t raise Pricing if you don’t offer more value or if your gigs are already low-hanging fruit.


Hey, @frank_d, we have been on the Fiverr platform for about the same amount of time. I joined July 15, 2017. Sadly I have made about 1/3 of what you have.


Hey @vickiespencer !

Thank you!

I am actually on the platform since 2013 and the above listed revenue is not my all time earnings on the platform. This is just my Pro gigs earnings.

We each have our own unique journey, and I think you are doing very well yourself!

Glad you like my work!

I can send you the link to the FB post my client made if that helps.

I understand what you are saying about my Pro gig earnings being low.

But I do think that by Fiverr’s standards it’s still something I never thought would happen.

Shame we don’t have a lot of Pro sellers on the forum, I’d love to learn about their experiences.


Thanks for your response,
I create videos for youtube. Editing footage and also making a full video by joining stock footage by just a voicover sent by buyer. Downloading stock footage takes for each few seconds take a lot of time. So, this price seems very less as compared to the work.
Also many new youtubers do not have much budget to create videos.
So, I am confused.
I have completed 8 orders on my youtube video editing gig but I have got only 2 reviews. I am also getting atleast 1 buyer message daily nowadays.
I know, I should wait but until how many reviews?
Can you suggest please…

:smiley: Thank you. I found it.

Of course. With your income of 3 years, I could support my family for lifetime so, let’s be clear, I am not saying the amount, in general, is low. It is like, Bill Gates comes and says he made 10 million$ income in a year. That is not low, that is a disaster. It depends on perspective.

But, as you said, it was at the time experiment, and it brought you a substantial additional income.

I hope it goes up in constant for you.

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