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Its Noah , and I am looking for your help!

Hello everyone, I am looking for critics/tips/advice or positive comments about my gigs and how should I improve them.

Check them out here:

Your link doesn’t work.

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Wrong username, sorry! :slight_smile:

Hi, Noah! If you need anything in Belgrade, let me know. Fiverrererers (whatever we are :)) should help each other.

Ok, at first glance, your pricing is vaguely defined. Is it $5 bucks? Or we neet to talk about the price, how much is it, for the love of God!? :smiley: Define packages and prices, start low, see what other ppl are doing, advertise the gigs elsewhere and optimize, optimize, optimize.

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Very nice Profile.

Work Hard Bro…

Great :smiley: bro please can you look it my Profile

The gigs look good.

For the “Design Clean & Modern logo” gig - make sure you show a logo you’ve designed (I’m not sure the “Benny’s Barkery” one is one you’ve designed?).

The “Design PSD template” gig’s image says “You are on the right place” when maybe “You are in the right place” may be better.

The Mobile App gig says “develope” instead of “develop”.


Thank you very much! About the mobile app where does it say develope?

I’m not an expert for gig improvement :). Ask someone to write a better description on your profile page. It lacks professionalism somehow…

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Sorry that was in the " I will design PSD template for your website" gig.

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Updated! Thank you mate!

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I’d just check that if you are using any videohive templates that you have the right licence. eg. if you sold a logo intro using a template from that site you’d need a license (of at least $16 eg. for the liquid glass logo intro) for every sale using that logo intro template.

If you charged $5 for the sale of an intro using such a template, where the standard license cost $16 for each delivery, you’d be making quite a big loss on every delivery if you bought the license that you’d need to do legally for each end product (each delivery).

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