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Its not allowed for gigs on Fiverr to be used on Fiverr ~ is that right?

I have read it in a couple of gigs, and also a couple of top sellers have made a point of telling me that they will do THEIR gig for me, but I can’t use it on Fiverr ~ like providing a testimonial or creating a video etc.

Now I have searched high and low but I cannot find in the TOS, or anywhere else of Fiverr for that matter, where it says this is not allowed. In fact quite the opposite, I have found Fiverr actively encouraging us to use other providers on Fiverr.

So, is this just an urban myth, is it real ~ and if so, where does it say that? ~ or is there something else at play here?

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I am guessing that if they make a testimonial for you, they do not want it to be used on Fiverr because their face will be ‘linked’ to your gig. If you do a shoddy job then it will appear as if it is those who actually caused the problem. They would lose business.

I’ve seen gigs that offer to provide videos for other people’s gigs, so I guess I don’t really know the answer to your question. And there’s a good chance I don’t understand your question.

Maybe someone else will have a better answer for you :slight_smile:

I can see how the testimonial thing would make sense anybody who would do the research probably would probably figure out that your testimonials was bought off of fiverr I actually bought one of my Gig videos from fiverr And I use it for one of my best gigs and I’ve never had a problem

Hi there!

When you upload a video, one of Fiverr’s video “Must Have’s” is this:


I would imagine that sometimes you could slip it by, but it may be the luck of the draw.


Reply to @easymedia: That’s strange. When I read what it says here it says ~ “Adding a video of you presenting your Gig is guaranteed to boost your sales. Plus you’ll get to be the lead star in your own movie… Sweet!” ~ which, try as I may, I can’t read as “You must upload a video of you, made by you, and not somebody else here on Fiverr”.

Reply to @azoya186: I guess it all depends exactly what they are saying, how appropriate and how truthful it is, our could be.

Reply to @ryangillam: Ah, guilt by association. I see.

There are plenty of videos in which the Seller is not on camera, but uses their own voice for the audio portion. Some use a still shot of themselves, some don’t.

Reply to @qloudpress: I feel like this is hit or miss with Fiverr… Because we’ve shot a gig presentation video for another Fiverr seller. I’ll admit that I don’t actually know if it worked for that seller, but I like to think that it did.

The place that you’ll find these video “Must Have’s” is on the second page of setting up a new gig. This is after you’ve already set up your gig category, gallery, description, etc.

It seems to me that these “Must Have’s” are more guidelines than they are chiseled-in-stone requirements.


Reply to @easymedia: But i read a post that said it was allowed, im camera shy so i needed a video explaining my gig, i didnt know it wasnt allowed, i would think it should be as long as its relavant and appropriate.

Reply to @easymedia: I guess I will understand more as I get deeper into it. Thanks for the heads-up. That’s pretty much how I thought it would be.

Reply to @azoya186: I agree. This should be an option for sellers who want to take advantage of the power of video, but don’t necessarily want to be in front of the camera. We do testimonials here and this is one of the main reasons that people order them for… To advertise a product or service.

I think if you are considering hiring another *seller for your videos, it’s probably best to stick with whiteboard animations or something similar. I see them all over the place. Some with the same voiceover. I wouldn’t recommend hiring someone specifically on camera, though.

Reply to @freelancemm: Yes I am considering another “seller” not a “buyer”.

@qloudpress Haha, sorry about that. I obviously meant to say seller.