It's Not Only Buyers Who Are the Problem


I’ve seen so many rants on here about buyers not following directions or expecting to much. I’m sure that happens quite often, but buyers are not the only problem with the Fiverr setup.

I can’t tell you how many gigs I’ve purchased where the seller requested a mutual cancellation which really wasn’t so mutual in my eyes at all. What I’ve been experiencing is a supreme lack of customer service. I’ll order a gig, post the needed info, wait out the time and then we’ll get nearly to the end (or past that) only to have the seller ask for a cancellation. No communication, no response to my questions or anything! Yes, I can get my money back but that isn’t the only point. In many cases I have spent a lot of time researching, reading ratings and deciding on who to hire. By that time, I really need the finished product rather quickly. So it’s a HUGE waste of time when a seller doesn’t communicate AT ALL, then waits till the last minute (or in many cases well after the deadline) to request a cancellation. Had I known they weren’t going to do the work, I could have been hiring someone else.

I remember my very first gig purchase. It really pissed me off. Ordered a voice over project, gave the script and complete instructions and waited the 4 or 5 days like a good little buyer for my gig to be completed. We got to the deadline and the work wasn’t delivered and there was NO communication whatsoever from the seller. After a few hours the only bit of communication I got was a request to mutually cancel the gig. The reason was that the seller was out of town due to the death of a friend and couldn’t complete the service. I understand that life happens and I certainly don’t want to be rude or insensitive to someone who had to attend the funeral of a friend. However, Fiverr does provide features for pausing or suspending a gig if you won’t be around to fill orders. Also, a little communication would have been appreciated. Had the seller told me the night I ordered, or at some point in that 4 or 5 day period, that they would be out of town and unable to fill the order, I could have made other arrangements. But the fact that the excuse came after the deadline made me feel like it wasn’t even true, that they made up something so that I wouldn’t get so mad about them not having done the work. My time was wasted and I did not have the voice over I needed in time for my campaign launch. I had to push it back weeks and eventually just ended up doing it myself (which took another several weeks). The sad thing is that I had several that needed to be done, so I was willing to pass more business her way but I guess she didn’t care about that.

That’s not the first time I’ve gotten weird excuses like this either. One seller told me it didn’t really matter what I thought or wanted because Fiverr was just an experiment for them and I’d be their last customer anyway. Again, my time had been wasted for a few days before I even got that very rude message.

I even had one guy request a cancellation for a gig just 2 minutes after I purchased! That happened TODAY! He said my specifications for the logo I need were too hard and not possible to do. He wasn’t even willing to try. When I rejected the cancellation and asked if he’d just please come up with some concepts and that they didn’t have to be perfect, he simply requested another cancellation. What kind of customer service is that???

Lately, I’ve been trying to contact sellers before I order to try and fix the above issues. That doesn’t seem to work either. More often than not, I never get a response to my messages. That goes for messages outside of an order AND inside of an order. It seems that many sellers just don’t care to respond or give proper customer service. It’s really a shame…they could probably be more successful and be that much closer to having a full-time income with Fiverr if they did.

So, this rant isn’t so much directed at the sellers who do what they’re supposed to do. I appreciate you guys and have come across many that I’ll be happy to work with again. This rant is more so for Fiverr to step in and do something to clean up their seller network a bit. I’d rather have fewer sellers to choose from but all of good quality than tons of sellers with the majority being crappy ones. When you see that sellers aren’t treating their buyers right, aren’t answering messages or are requesting too many mutual cancellations (especially close to or past the deadline), give them a warning or suspend them. Boot them altogether after repeated violations. If you see a seller leave a message like the one I got about my thoughts not being important to them anyway, why on earth would you allow someone like that to continue being a part of your network of sellers? Seems like that would give Fiverr a bad name eventually. It’s not fair to us as buyers for our time to be seriously wasted with people who never planned on doing the job in the first place.

I say, be thankful that there is something like Fiverr around that will allow you to earn money for your talents. $5 may not seem like a whole lot (and I know there is a fee taken out also), but it can really add up if you choose the right service or product to offer, complete your gigs on time (or early if possible), and just communicate with your buyers. I’ve seen tons of sellers say they’d never depend on Fiverr for full-time income. I think that really depends on the service or product your offering, how competitive the category is and how well you treat the buyers that do what they’re supposed to do. I think Fiverr could be full-time income for more people if they just bothered to create a better game plan for handling it like a real business. I’m about to embark on the same journey in the coming week, and you can bet I’ve learned what NOT to do as a seller from all the gigs I’ve purchased!


Hey istanley. Fantastic stuff! It’s really good to see things from the point of view of a buyer. I’ve only been selling on here for eleven days but I like to think I do a good job with my customer service. If I thought I were intentionally doing a disservice to people, I think I’d quit. You don’t need to be a genius to work out that the key to good business (in any field) is customer service.

As I mentioned, I’m new here. Perhaps in a few months I’ll become jaded and turn into one of the sellers you have had dealings with. Let’s hope not! :slight_smile:

I hope things work out well for you when you start selling. Good luck!


I have a open communication with my buyers I will deliver th work before there is ever a talk of mutual cancellation.


@reload_design, good luck to you! I too am hoping that you don’t become jaded enough to intentionally screw your buyers. The way I see it is, if anyone who wants to become a seller is concerned that $5 is way too little to charge for their services, they have 2 options: find logical and legitimate ways to take away certain features that are not the “meat and potatoes” of the service. For example, I have an idea for a video gig. Normally, the type of video I’ll be offering would be worth infinitely more than $5. However, in talking with my sister and a few others who have been clients for this particular service I’ve been able to determine a few features to take away from the base gig without sacrificing quality. So, perhaps in order to get HD quality, music added, custom music, longer than 45 seconds or my professional scrip-writing services buyers will have to purchase gig extras. Simple things like that can help sellers to feel much more comfortable with offering a service for $5.

The other option is to design your own website and sell your services through it rather than a platform like $5. We all know what this is before we get into it. If any seller feels they’ll have a problem with only earning $4 a sale once it’s all said and done, they should probably consider skipping Fiverr altogether. It’s having that mentality from the start that causes the problem on a seller’s end. Be willing to take a bit of a hit or offer something that is more logical and less time-consuming at the $5 level, then treat Fiverr as an actual business (even if you only put in part-time hours), and you’ll be much less likely to become the jaded or hated sellers who put out crap and constantly have to request cancellations.

@madmoo, thanks for the offer to help. I do know that there are excellent sellers on Fiverr and have had the pleasure to meet a few of them. It’s just that I’ve come across WAY more of the crappy ones than the good ones for the various services I’ve need. It’s particularly rough because in most cases I can do the service I’ve hired them to do myself. I just don’t always have the time with the full workload I have. Until about 6 months ago, I had the most amazing graphic designer (who also happens to be my fiance) working with me, and I never needed to hire someone else for graphic design services. Unfortunately, he isn’t in a position to help out now so I’m forced to look elsewhere. That’s the worst because I know good graphic design when I see it and know what I expect (which I base on the gig description, no my own desires), but it’s rare that I’m able to find someone who will provide the quality I want in a timely manner. For example, there is NO WAY I’m waiting 29 days for a logo…mainly because I feel like the seller would lose interest and forget about me altogether rather than them actually needing all that time to complete the work.

Another thing I’ve noticed is sellers petitioning to remove negative feedback without a very good reason and proof that the buyer was in the wrong. I don’t think that should be allowed. Sure, if a deal goes south and the seller did everything they could it’s not fair that they should still suffer negative feedback. But as a buyer, I should be allowed to post negative feedback if I didn’t have a good experience without the threat of a seller taking it down. Otherwise what’s the point of the rating system at all? That isn’t good business. Do a good job of taking care of your buyers, and you may still have some negative feedback but you’re bound to have WAY more good than bad. Keep the ratings natural so that buyers know what they’re truly getting into BEFORE they order a gig. There’s nothing worse than feeling good about a gig because you see 100% positive feedback, but realizing later on that the 100% is probably not accurate because the seller is constantly petitioning to have negative feedback removed. That’s very similar to false advertising. I’d think Fiverr would want to protect their buyers a little better than that.

As I mentioned in my original post, I’m in the process of preparing to release my first gig. I’ve had a LOT of examples of what NOT to do or how to ruin my reputation. It’s really a shame. But, I know exactly what it takes to make a satisfied & repeat buyer and I intend to have a game plan for customer service ready before I even post this gig. I also have a game plan for how to handle quick growth (if I’m fortunate enough to experience that). The last thing I want to do is be unprepared!

@collenenet77, that’s great! Fiverr makes it very easy (and obviously free) to keep in communication with buyers. Seems like more sellers would take advantage of that. And I wish more sellers would consider having a conversation before requesting a mutual cancellation. Like I said, I’m happy to get my money back but that causes 2 problems. First, I probably wouldn’t even have forked over the $5 if I’d known the original seller was not going to do the work. We do get the money back as buyers, but only as a credit in our Fiverr balance. That means I have to spend it on something here on the site. But what happens if I can’t find anything else I need at the time? I’m out $5 until I something comes along that I can use. That may not matter to some people, but in my position every penny counts. In most cases I’ll need that $5 in my bank account WAY more than I’ll need it in my Fiverr balance, but when I get screwed as a buyer that means the $5 isn’t coming back to my bank account. :frowning:

The second problem is that it wastes valuable time. I am trying to launch my first gig early this coming week. I’ve got everything else planned out, but I need a logo. I am waiting on someone to finish up a job that was supposed to be completed already. I have a feeling it’s going to end up going the way of another cancellation because I haven’t heard from the seller at all. But I can’t move forward with a LOT of things until the logo is done…can’t add my profile pic to all of my social networks related to this new service, can’t add the logo to my site, can’t make business cards…everything is on hold. Whether I get the money back or not, I can’t stand it when people are cool with wasting someone else’s time. Time is money in business, and while I’m sitting around waiting for a logo that probably won’t come I could be using this time to get other things done…but right now all I can do is wait.

I do hope new sellers come and take a look at this thread. Let me be the example of a prime buyer. I am not a difficult person to work with. I give clear-cut directions and even sketches and example images (especially when I order graphic design gigs). I let the seller know that they can contact me if any of my directions are confusing (like most people email comes right to my phone, including Fiverr notifications). And I don’t mind waiting the entire lead time for something to be finished. I’ll even wait a little longer if someone communicates with me that they need a little more time. But I can turn into this angriest buyer ever when there is no communication and no attempt at good customer service. I do everything I can from a buyer perspective to make sure I’m not holding up the project in any way. It is really frustrating when some sellers don’t give the same level of commitment and respect.


Thank you @madmoo. Despite my experiences as a buyer I am really looking forward to becoming a seller and hope that I’ll be able to start this coming week. I’ve learned a lot from you and others here, so thanks for the advice and encouragement!


Well, category is SEO or perhaps more appropriately a mix of SEO & website usability analysis. I am primarily a web designer and marketing consultant and have been for many years now. Trust me, I know there’s a lot of competition already but that won’t stop me from trying. I have resources and understanding that many sellers on here in the marketing / SEO field don’t (because they don’t design websites for a living). So I’m hoping that will be effective as a unique selling proposition!


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks! I really hope I can do well also!


Reply to @istanley: I was in two minds whether to start selling on here or not. I rationalised it like this: I value my time at £35/hr ($55US) so as long as I can complete each project (not including rendering time for video projects) in around five or six minutes then I’m on to a winner.

As far as Gig Extras are concerned, I’m doing some testing now to see what works. I currently offer all my videos at 1080, as standard but I see the majority of sellers offer 720 with the option to upgrade via an Extra. Since it doesn’t take any more time to produce 1080, I think I’ll keep it that way…I think it will give me the edge over my competitors. I could be wrong and perhaps I’m losing $5 to $10 per gig…I’m still learning.


Reply to @reload_design: Well all you can do is test. I don’t think anyone can every really say exactly what works and what doesn’t because every gig and every buyer and every situation is different.

I only suggest removing certain features from the base gig if a sellers feels for some reason that they’ll be doing more (or offering more value) than the $4 you’ll be paid. Every person has to weight that for themselves, so I don’t think there’s any real right or wrong answer.