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It's not spam! YES it is!

I had another seller send me a spam message this morning telling me that he would do a free drawing of me to get a review.

I told him to stop sending spam and he responded that it was not spam!

I don’t know how he thought it wasn’t spam. Also I assume he found me on the forum, and decided to target me for his message. So I want to say that any message that is not related to what I sell or is not a response to a question to you is spam.

Also you won’t get a review if you give away your service. Nor can you manipulate reviews by getting one and then giving a refund since this can lead to an account ban.


I was going to say something, but when I re-read the “do a free drawing of me to get a review” part, my mind literally froze and I couldn’t write a thing anymore, so I wrote this instead :eyes:

It’s mind boggling, to say the least!

On a second thought, maybe they thought of you buying their gig, and on top of that they’d also give you a free drawing :thinking: Neah, still doesn’t make enough sense.


A lot of people seem to think that sending just one message can’t possibly be spam.


Hi there
Would you like me to convert your portrait to a beautiful artwork drawing?
I’ll do it for free just to get some positive feedback for starters.
Let me know.

This shows some confusion about what spam is, and how you get reviews also.


Is there any possible way to give review with out any order??? :thinking: As far As i know, there is no way…So his message completely spam…!


You are correct. Not possible.


Now that I see what country he is in, and how extremely rare it is to get any sort of order or message from it, and having just gotten another set of questions from someone from the same exceptionally rare country, I think this person has two accounts.

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I think they believe denying that it’s spam will convince you that it isn’t.

I always respond just for the sake of my Response Rate (and then I report them). This is one from just a few days ago…


I don’t understand either why they always say it’s not spam unless they are from an area of the world where a lie is the same as the truth. They know it’s spam but it’s perfectly normal to lie about everything and makes anything ok.


I have a feeling it’s a disconnect that is the result of the other seller. Many people, especially those in which English is not a strong suit for them, think that spamming is a legitimate way to get sales. Many would not have read the ToS.

Here is an example of someone I had, who “didn’t mean to spam” but literally meant to offer me her services unsolicited.

Maybe they have no idea what the meaning of the word is. Based on this definition it is not too clear and I disagree somewhat with this definition, as it does not have to be sent to a large number of people, and it’s intent is to try to get sales;

irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.
a canned meat product made mainly from ham.
send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet.

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The worst kind of spam


In just that one little sentence it is pretty darn clear that she ( if she really IS a she, that is…) shouldn’t be offering writing gigs…and the “dear,” that’s another nope.
So this person thinks that if they are new on Fiverr and send messages like that it is not
considered spam???

Oh dear.


Biggest pet peeve on Fiverr that really chaps my :peach: is reading yucky spam from desperate sellers.
I don’t eat that sh!t and I don’t want to deal with it online or off.

Case in point. :small_red_triangle_down:Then the seller had the audacity to follow up with a “hello?”.

No, Fudge you and stay the hell out of my inbox. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: