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It's OK to Post your Skype and Contact Information in Your Gig Description!


At this time it is NOT OK to post your Skype and contact info but that is what I hope to hear from Fiverr one day soon!

I’m in the video and voice acting categories, and consultations, like it or not, are a part of the business. I have an approved Skype consultation gig and I use it every chance I get. The only thing that sucks about Fiverr is the communication problem. It’s the ONLY thing I don’t like about Fiverr!!!

I had a buyer that I’d been communicating with for days…back and forth…blah blah blah…back and forth…more typing…nothing getting done! I got him to buy my $10 consultation gig and we were on Skype in a few minutes wrapping up all the details. Now he’s working on what I need for his project and I’m probably going to get multiple videos from him.

One of the first things out of his mouth after the initial get to know each other part was, “boy I wish Fiverr would just let us talk!” I agreed! We spent about a minute talking about how long it takes to type and how much feeling is lost in a text message…then about 20 minutes later we had cleared up my questions and agreed on exactly what we needed to do in order to move forward.

By the way, if you’re a buyer or a seller who tries to go around Fiverr after all they’ve done for us, well…uh, you just SUCK! People like you are the people who screw up this world for everyone else! People like you are the one’s who make it harder for the other buyers and sellers with INTEGRITY!

Ok, back to my point. Fiverr PLEASE! Find a way to allow us to bypass all the typing, miscommunication, and frustration and allow loyal Fiverr Sellers and Buyers to talk to each other without going through all the BS! If I could post my phone number and Skype contact info in my gig I would double my business! I’m certain of it!

When I get people on the phone I get a chance to make a connection. Most video gigs have a LOT of MOVING PARTS and typing is NOT conducive to making money and developing a following of RAVING FANS!

When I first started offering phone consultations about 80% of the buyers asked me to accept a payment outside of Fiverr. I told them that I would never do that. > Fiverr’s the one who brought us together and they give us a great platform where we can work and make money. Plus, I’m going to charge you the same amount of money no matter which way we did it, but if I screwed Fiverr over then you wouldn’t want to work with me would you? I know as a buyer, I wouldn’t want to work with someone like that! They get it! Subject closed and we’re on to business.

Now, I have a standard disclaimer that says, “Standard disclaimer: I’m a loyal Fiverr seller so please NEVER ask me to work outside of Fiverr. :-)” That has completely eliminated the need for the discussion I just described.

Come on Fiverr! Let us talk!! Lack of communication is the only hole in the boat!

What do you think Fiverr Community?

EDIT: I’m not suggesting that you be forced to communicate via Skype, I’m suggesting that it should be an option!


I’d rather stick to text.

Few people outside of the UK would understand my Scottish accent, and many who are in the UK struggle to be honest! I know I would have a hard time with unfamiliar accents as well.

Edited to add - I know I’ve posted this before, but it’s one of my favourites!


I hear you! But the option would be yours.


Putting your contact info in the gig description would lead to endless amounts of spam from the desperado brigade.
Aside from that, the requests from buyers to deal outside of Fiverr would be huge and generally problematic. I am happy with text but should I ever need it, I will add a Skype consultation gig too or make it part of existing gigs.


I’d rather stick to text, too. I’m a writer, and I prefer receiving all the information in writing (not to mention that, if I have a number of orders in queue, I couldn’t possibly remember everything everyone told me; it’s much easier if I can just take a glance at the instructions again).

There’s also the matter of accents, the matter of pervs (just search the forum for feet requests), the matter of scammers (go ahead and prove that someone said or didn’t say something over the phone), I don’t even use Skype, I have no wish for every random person of the Internet to get my personal phone number…

If both the seller and the buyer wish to communicate via Skype/phone/video chat, I have no problem with that, as long as I’m not forced to do it.


Excellent video! ROFL


Glad you liked it! I never did get on with Dragon Naturally Speaking either! :slight_smile:



Pure dead brilliant! I hadn’t seen that before - he obviously did a lot of research in Glasgow on a Friday night! Thank you for posting it! :laughing:


The option would be nice for very select buyers, but that’s what consultation gigs are for. It would be overwhelming to chat with every buyer.
PS, nice gigs! I haven’t seen your profile before but added you to my favorites :slight_smile:



Anyone that contacts me outside Fiverr for something I do in Fiverr, I charge a minimum $2,000 :grin:


You’ve said it all.
I prefer everything to be in writing too.