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It's Over! I Have Zero New Orders. HELP! What Should I Do Tomorrow?

I’s be a tough flaming week. It’s been so tough that I feel like swearing like a sailor, before glugging a beer and going on an Hunter S. Thompson rampage of insobriety around town for the next few days.

Thankfully, it is over! With one minute to go on the countdown timer, I just delivered my last article about life coaching for CFOs! Now I have one, possibly two days of zero orders to do and I feel like I have won some kind of time tombola. The problem is, I can’t think of what to do.

There are lots of things I should do. There is a dirt-cheap apartment up the road from me that has just come available. If I could bag it, I’d be able to save $150 a month on rent. However, I need to do some investigating first.

The landlord is a remarkably youthful 70+ Maltese guy who has invited me to look at his apartments in the past. I didn’t, though, as he made a pretty overt pass at me by inviting me for dinner while reassuring me that his wife would be fine with it.

Naturally, I declined the invitation and decided it would be best not to rent an apartment from an old man who wants to sleep with me. However, there is a single guy living in the building now, as well as a couple I know, one of whom is a freelance sports writer!

Probably, I’d hate having a neighbor who is a fellow freelance writer. However, it would be nice to have normal neighbors. My present neighbor keeps putting a sign in the window saying “WOMEN WANTED” when he’s been drinking and my neighbor upstairs is a very well known drug dealer.

As well as asking about the aforementioned apartment, I also need to clean my present apartment. I’ve been busy non-stop since Christmas and when you open my front door, it feels like you are walking into an apartment that has just been ransacked by a pack of wild animals.

The thing is, I don’t want to spend my first free day off in ages cleaning. I’ve also got other things I should be doing like:

  • Installing a new OS on my laptop and doing general tech maintenance by backing up work and doing some upgrades.
  • Finally learning how to use some new video software i bought for Chistmas.
  • Doing something with my website to make it not look like a very non-committed attempt at a blog.
  • Editing and formatting a FINISHED short story I plan to giveaway for free as a lead magnet for a potentoial creative witing gig.
  • Writing a few articles for Medium.
  • Finally sit down with Chico and decide if we stay or go from Malta before the end of the Brexit transition period.

Or I could do none of the above and if it’s sunny, see if my very non-committed girlfriend wants to catch for the first time since new year and join me on a day of complete Hunter S. Thompson debauchery. This is always very expensive and destructive, but it would be nice to spend a day just being a drunk tourist by the beach.

So, what should I do?

  • Go House/Apartment Hunting
  • Clean my Apartment
  • Do lots of Nerdy Tech Stuff
  • Go Full Hunter S. Thompson for a Day

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My fate for the next 24-hours is in your hands.


Don’t keep us in the dark about your decision! I want to KNOW!!


I will. However, I was hoping there would be more voting for a day of debauchery. :frowning:


I see Hunter S. Thompson, I vote for Hunter S. Thompson, no exceptions.

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Go out there to find a better place, I’m pretty sure it will help to improve productivity.


Not if the landlord wants to drag him into his bed.


Agree with you :slightly_smiling_face:

Where’s the “Sit down with Chico” option? :frowning: Well, alright, if not that, you can have your debauchery day.

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Clean your apartment if you don’t want to catch something (and I don’t mean another admirer). Then it will be done and you’ll be able to have a full day of debauchery with a clean (!) conscience!

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Would it not be wise to clean up a bit, then invite NCGF to debauchery session; just in case she happens to need to sleep on your couch or something?


I would always vote for this option if “catch” means what I think it does.


That’s included in the nerdy tech business. It was also his adoption day birthday recently and he was spoiled rotten with room temperature marrow fat peas and a whole quail for dinner for 4-days in a row. (There are 4 quails in a pack.)

I am also resigning myself to the fact that I am staying on Malta post-Brexit instead of moving to Bulgaria or Portugal or Georgia where I could easily half my living costs, all because of Chico.

He won’t go outside if it is raining. He hates change. When you take him on a bus he looks at you like the stress is akin to you murdering his family. - And he’s 15 now and has a few health problems. In this case, I won’t forgive myself if something happens if we move. Moreover, I’m very reluctant to give him more special attention because quite frankly, I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Even my ex said when we broke up that it was all his ingenious plan to get her side of the bed and I’m actually starting to think she was right.

We can’t have a debauchery session at my house because I get guilt stares off Chico. Even if he’s not in the room, he paces the apartment and the sound of his nails tapping tiles rings out accusingly. Plus, I’m not sure what the other human half has been up to recently.

When I say ‘debauchery’ I mean get suitably drunk enough together to be honest about recent affairs and maybe figure out if we are still an item and what the local gossip about us is. We’re not in love. I only like her because she’s called Marie Antoinette (which I like telling people) and likes a good party, and she only likes me because I pay for the party.

It’s not a relationship really. It’s more like having Paul Gascoigne on speed dial.


Cleaning your apartment is necessary… A clean workspace is extremely important for various reasons!

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My personal view is that the more filthy you are, the harder you have to work to afford a good maid.

In this case, being messy actually drives my career forward.


A good housekeeper who comes in once a week is a must. She should be quiet, pleasant, do what is asked, know how to clean well without instructions, and be good at organizing also. She should be able to take a pile of stuff and make it look presentable, straighten out sofa cushions, and know what to do from long years of experience.

She should also know not to mix ammonia and bleach or use them on the same day. I have forbidden all cleaning products recently and we only clean with water. My health has improved since.

My whole outlook improves when things get cleaned and tidied.


My go to cleaning solution is quarter to half a cup of white vinegar, a drop or two of washing up liquid … and fill up the container with hot water.

Works far better than any commercial cleaner.


I just use vinegar. for all my cleaning needs. However, I also use Patchouli oil when mopping the floor to get rid of any vinegary smell. You can also use lemon extract as a natural disinfectant. However, finding actual essential oils is quite hard these days. Most online are just toxic perfumes.

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The smell of vinegar has the same horrible effect on me as bleach. The fumes irritate me. It took me a trip to the hospital and staying in a motel for a week while I struggled to figure out why my home was making me sick before I realized it was fumes from cleaning products and even vinegar that was causing it.

That’s why you dilute the vinegar, MissC. Any residual smell disappears as it dries …

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It was diluted. I could still feel it. I can’t use it. Everything bothers me. It’s true. I also realized I shouldn’t even use vinegar in salads. I have a hyperactive immune response to almost everything.