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Its really hard to contact fiverr just to ask simple questions. Why? or how?

Its really hard to contact fiverr just to ask simple questions, by the time you get through all the fields… you come to a point where it need specific gig ref which you may not have for that query…

For example i have had 2 simple gig requests UNAPPROVED with no explanation to rectify the situation… I

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks and God Bless.

This is the place to try to get those answers.

Have a client whose legal advisor is insistent upon
having an executed NDA before information client
information is released to Seller.

I wrote Customer Service to ask how to handle
situation. To date - no reply.

Client may likely take their Project elsewhere.
I MAY TAKE assignment elsewhere before losing
the job. Silly stuff.

Every client should , Describe his project Briefly to the seller, Because most of the seller want to complete his project exactly . but Without a good description it is impossible to complete any project , so I request every buyer, please tell everything you seller what you want and get a nice work
Thank you

Reply to @ronasia: Could your client simply send the NDA to you in a file and you
give an “electronic signature” to it and send it back to them?

Reply to @misscrystal:

Yes - that would be ‘normal’. But that would be ME executing
the NDA - not the Seller. That’s not what the client requires…

Reply to @ronasia: But you are the seller. You could sign it as (your name doing business as ronasia)