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Its really painfully for any seller

When bayer ask me are you free than I tell him yes place your order than he tell me I take some one else?


It may be because you are not a proficient English speaker. Many buyers are seeking that in the seller they want to trust to do their work. Your description on your profile gives your lack of English skills away.


thanks for your comment actually he needs to do only five minutes bt that time i am on my mobile?

Maybe by saying “place your order” makes them feel a bit like you are putting them under pressure to buy. Maybe just replying with “Yes. I am free”. would be better and then they will place the order if they want to.


yes he asked me to place an order but I tell him at first i need to work then you will place your order because i don’t like to cancel any order?

Not sure what you mean but you could say “Yes. I am free to discuss your order” as another option.

I’m not sure what you meant by this.

i mean it some days before i will taking a order aftr thar client say me that her website has been hacked so he need to cancel this order and i cancel this and it will affect on my gig.