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It's rude remarks like these that make it really stressful working on here

Instance #1: I thank the buyer for placing their order.
Their response? “It’s my complete pleasure, hopefully…”

Instance #2: I thank another buyer for placing their order of a 150-word document.
Response: I’d like a 200-word document, but I’ll pay you the extra word amount after I see that what you write is satisfactory enough.

What they say isn’t particularly mean, but it seems like they expect me to possibly fail. I’ve been writing for 10+ years now, but I don’t like that kind of pressure.

In general, I’ve been working with clients who read the directions wrong and I clarify things over and over again, and they still don’t get it. A 250-word bio is half a page (I state all that in the gig), but then they wonder why they can’t get 2 pages for the same price… -_-

And there are PLENTY more, but these are the most recent ones. Luckily, things aren’t all negative. I’ve also been working with some amazingly pleasant clients. :slight_smile:

What are some rude remarks you’ve come across on here? Or well-meaning comments that come off the wrong way…

Just ignore it.

It’s really hard to, but ranting helps. :slight_smile:

No offense but compared to what I get at times they are quite pleasant remarks! :slight_smile:

The comments you posted aren’t rude to me so much as a bit pessimistic. When you consider the kind of horrors a lot of buyers experience on here, those remarks tend to be a reflection of what they expect from Fiverr, not from you as an individual seller. Try not to take it personally.

There are all types of buyers and some are totally frustrating and annoying and others are wonderful and make me feel great.

I find that communicating very clearly and well, explaining things in detail, sometimes helps a lot. Many buyers don’t bother to read anything in the gig description or what you send them. I’m lucky to have 99.9% of my buyers be wonderful. The rest are not worth me getting upset over. It’s part of doing business anywhere to get difficult and annoying clients.

Emmaki is right. You just need to learn to ignore all the upsetting remarks.

Eh, I’d definitely agree that these comments are rude. I get that a lot of buyers have trouble with sellers, but they’re only going to continue to have trouble with sellers if they type stuff like this to them. Do you go into a restaurant and say, “I had a really bad experience at the restaurant I went to across town, so you guys better impress me” or “I’d like the steak. I know it’s $20, but I’m going to pay you $15 and then if I like how it tastes, I’ll pay the remaining $5.” If you said that last one to anyone else in the traditional business world, they would laugh you out of the place. Buyers think they can get away with it when dealing with freelancers because…? …?

That’s not how business works, especially if you want a good product. Every time a buyer writes “if dis good, i order more,” to me, I want to scream. Every time I answer question after question, spending potentially half an hour trying to coax a buyer to just freaking look at my gig where all the answers to their questions are, and then they finally look at my gig and see my prices and say, “Oh, that’s too expensive, can you give me a discount?” I want to fly into the sun.

To act like $5 is so precious that you can’t “gamble” it on a seller with almost seven hundred positive reviews, especially when you’re a business owner yourself (as many buyers are), and then to be demeaning to that seller, as if that somehow encourages her to work better (news flash: it doesn’t), is ridiculous.

Good point!

Exactly! You speak my language. And I love that you put everything into context. Some buyers think they can say anything they want because all business is done through the internet.

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning:

Thank you for your insight!

Yeah, I luckily don’t get a ton of that, but my most recent favorite one was:

“I don’t know if you’ve ever actually been in the real business world, but there do [blank] all the time…”

Compared to my buyers, your are sweethearts.

My buyers usually surprise me with extra feature requests and extraordinarily rude behavior.

I also got death threats from an ignorant buyer recently. So, consider your buyers as professional people who are aware of the system.

YES! The whole “don’t waste my precious 5.00” mentality makes me insane!!

Something to consider…

1). Not all buyers are paying $5.00 - most are freelancers/entrepreneurs just like sellers, with tight budgets to consider
2). What buyers ARE paying is what they have also worked hard for (just like sellers)
3). They are equally as tired of receiving shoddy, low quality work from sellers promising the moon and stars on their gig (not saying anyone here does that, just making a point)
4). They have already paid 3-4 other sellers who produced terrible work, and are just doing the common due diligence to try and protect themselves

Overall: Personally I believe in being diplomatic and courteous when doing business (as a rule)… But try to cut buyers a little slack. It’s possible you don’t know the whole story behind why they seem so cranky or cautious over their money - this is the internet, after all.

That’s so harsh. Wow!

Death threats?! That’s ridiculous! D: I’m sorry to hear that… :frowning:


Thank you for the insight!

I always try to empathize, but if there are hundreds of positive reviews and adequate samples for the gig, then the pessimism is both unwarranted and disrespectful.

If someone expects more work than is described in the package they select, then that isn’t due to a negative experience with another seller… It’s greediness and a lack of regard for the seller’s hard work.

Put simply: It’s good to be cautious (and it’s completely understandable), but there’s no need to be rude about it.

I hate when buyers say “Oh, that’s too expensive, can you give me a discount?”. Like, you’re on Fiverr. What more of a discount do you want???

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