It's Summer - so what?


I see a lot of people stating on the forum that they are experiencing slow sales, etc because it is Summer. I don’t see the issue. Your business (it is your business by the way, not Fiverr’s) should be able to stand on its own two feet. Summer or no Summer, you should always be looking at different ways of attracting business -

*Make sure your gig looks great
*Speak to local businesses offline to see if you can work with them
*Develop new gigs
*Look at how you can generate income from your skills

There may be quiet days in terms of less work from Fiverr, but I never have a quiet day because I write for myself, for people on Fiverr, for local businesses, for people who order my work from my website, etc. There’s never a dull day!


I agree completely. Your business is your responsibility. But one thing I would add is that even though our business is not Fiverr’s but Fiverr does take a commission from letting us use their platform. for people that rely solely on Fiverr to work even with their off-site clients complaining is something acceptable in my book. I for one get the majority of my others off-site but if I don’t get at least some orders from Fiverr traffic I will complain and anyone that thinks I’m being a whiny unethical brat can go… sleep … you get what I mean, right?


There’s always an excuse for slow sales lol. The back to school will probably be the next one.

It’s not too wise to have your eggs all in one basket when it comes to freelancing. That way when you do experience lulls, you can focus energy elsewhere and generating work from other sources. I have several running freelance profiles on other sites and have a long running list of things to work on in my down time. Seems I just keep adding to the list because I never have down time lol.


Of course 100% agreed. If your gigs didn’t received good traffic. you have to promote yourself like social media and other ways. ask them to order trough fiverr