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It's that time of year again. Yep, the July-**** are on the loose

At present, I’m turning away more work than I am taking, simply because far too many people are registering on my idiot and time waster radar.

Question: How do you think I will know how many words of content you need on your website? It is your website. It is your business. You tell me.

Question: Are you doing it on purpose when you say how much to re-write the content on this page? Before then trying to get me to twist my words and agree to write 5,000 words + for $10? - Or are you just prone to suddenly not being able to communicate in English when you are rumbled?

Question: When you said, “we have been inviting offers from other Fiverr sellers who make explainer videos and are hoping that you can offer something more in line with their prices” did you really expect me to take a screenshot of a $5 offer from a seller who couldn’t even spell the word ‘offer’ seriously?

Question: Why do you think that I would agree to write content for you when you won’t tell me what you want writing or what word length you are looking for?

Question: Okay, I fully understand that you are very passionate about your business and how amazing it is going to be for everyone on planet Earth when it launches. However, before I start trying to inject that ‘real marketing magic’ into every word of content on your new business website like you have asked me to, I really need to know what you do. I mean this is my third request for information now. Are you really sure that your new B2B marketing business name is Lorem Ipsum?

Go away all of you. Each of you is doomed to failure in all aspects of life, simply because at any moment you could be outsmarted by a particularly cunning squirrel.

Stop wasting my time and for God sake, stop breeding!


What happened to your dog?

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Phew, this was a refresher knowing how many users have wasted my time just to end the discussion abruptly.

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He’s fine. He’s got herpes but then again most people do these days.


LOL this thread already scared away one snowflake.

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