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Its the Holidays...How do I show the love' to my fiverr Sellers?


Looking for a way to show the Sellers I’ve bought from throughout the year that I appreciate them and the work they did for us. No different than the vendors we have that are not on-line that we see face-to-face. we give or send them really cool holiday baskets.

We should be able to do the same on fiverr, as these providers are as important to our business as anyone who provides us services.

What options does fiverr have that would allow me to share our holiday cheer? There must be some way?

And if one does not exist? Shouldn’t it?


Give them tips and honest ratings.
Also send a message that shows your gratitude for them and make sure to let them know that you will give them regular work.

That is what I would think of!


You can ask them all how to send them tips.


Yes. we always (95%) of the time provide tips. And we always give ratings and detailed reviews.

That’s just good business.

I was looking for someway to provide our Sellers a Christmas “gig”…for lack of a better word. Lets say…for instance:

fiverr provides a Holiday Card in increments of $5, $10, $15 and so on…that doesn’t cause the Seller to actually have to provide a service. This could be special occasion “gig” that doesn’t cause the Seller to have to do anything…but provide great service throughout the year.

A “gig” that just rewards good service, much like the baskets we provide our vendors at the office. This gig could simply be Holiday cash…no work necessary.

I’m sure fiverr would be happy to take their ‘commission’ and the Seller would be equally happy.


Thank you misscrystal for replying. We are looking for a way, over and above, the normal tips we give and detailed reviews.

This would be solely for having provided us with excellent service throughout the year, there would be no deliverables involved…Simply a nice thank you in the form of a Merry Christmas stipend.


I have seen some sellers who have created a gig just for tips. And some just send a custom offer to buyers if a buyer want they can order the offer


@raytal I think the best gift for any seller is more work and appreciation. (Atleast it lit me up :grimacing:)
Repeate order and recommendations can really make sellers happy. And if you can showcase there work with mentions then nothing like it :grinning:

But the way, really appreciate your noble idea of sharing the festive happiness with your partners here :+1:t2::heart:.


I have had buyers send me additional tips by ordering a gig but telling me they just want to reward me and I don’t have to do anything for the order.

I have also had previous buyers tell me they wanted to give me a bonus so I send them a custom offer after finding out the amount they want to give me.


That is a great idea, a “Thank You Card” option not tied to a specific gig, without an actual service to provide and no review process attached seems to be the better solution than what has been mentioned.


I greatly appreciate all of the suggestions here. Thank all of you who took the time to respond and share your insight. Merry Christmas.

Absent fiverr jumping on-board and giving Buyers a way to spread the Christmas Cheer we will simply ask our Sellers to send us a custom order. Seems simple enough and easy to manage, but for the accounting of it on our side.

Sure would like to have had fiverr chime in here.


Hi @raytal,

It’s such a pleasure to know there are buyers that value their freelancers. Hope you never lose this way of caring for your providers.

Merry Christmas to you!