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Its Time for Some Fun

This is my go-to cup. The first thing in the morning, I drink coffee from it . . . actually, I drink coffee from it most of the morning. :sunny:

This cup was Valentine’s Day :gift_heart: present from my 9-year-old granddaughter, and I love it! Her grandpa took her to the Dollar Store to shop for a present for me, and she brought me this cup. It was full of chocolates :chocolate_bar: that are long gone now.

Please take a picture of your favorite cup and post it here in the comments. I am interested to see what you drink your morning brew from. :coffee: :tea:


I drink tea in the morning.

I also use more than one different mug as I don’t want to get so loyal to one that the others feel left out.


In the morning? I prefer “le blanc” blanc


I also drink tea almost every morning and i use my favourite cup.

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This is my coffee mug. A little chipped, well-loved. It’s my favourite because it’s the biggest and I like a big coffee in the mornings.


Am not sure if i take tea

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You can’t see much of the cup, but it’s super cute (same pattern as the handle! Got it for Christmas from my little sister) The tea was pretty nice (if I manage to wake up early, I like a strong cup of black tea with milk in the morning and a lot of white/green/oolong in the afternoon. Just got into coldbrewing but it snowed again so…

I also have a pint-sized glass for ‘emergency’ cases :smiley:


Where is a picture of your cup?

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I admit I have three that I use often, but since my granddaughter gave me this one, it is my favorite.

To each his own! :clinking_glasses:

I am glad you love your mug despite its flaws.

And it is yellow! :yellow_heart: That is one of my favorite colors! It looks lovely.

It does not matter if you drink tea or coffee or something else hot. We are posting what we drink out of and explaining a bit about it.

I am still waiting to see what kind of cup @mehedi_shawon drinks his tea from.

I also wonder what @frank_d drinks in Greece?


I’m an espresso purist, through and through.

I’ll usually kick things of with an espresso lungo, then depending on workload, I may up the dosage as needed.

As a tech freak, my favorite mug is this Bluetooth enabled one, that maintains the temperature of my drink for up to 16 hours straight and I have saved several presets for temperature, depending on the drink and the origins of my beans. :slight_smile:


@vickiespencer here is my cup


I was going to ask about that. Does it work as well as it claims? Does the coffee get bitter after a time?

My favorite beans are from Kenya and Costa Rica. Which ones do you prefer?

I like the pattern and the colors.

@vickiespencer Thank you

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I would be very interested to know what @damooch916 drinks in the morning and from what kind of container. I already know he likes doughnuts. So, @damooch916 what do you drink to wash the sweets down?

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My favorite mug broke recently, so I can’t take a picture of it. I’m currently using a plain mason jar, until I find I new mug I like. (I inconsistently alternate between coffee and tea.)


This is a gift from my grandmother, made in India.


Is that the pint-size?

It is perfect for you!

I have a sizeable collection of duck accesories, probably about 30-40 ducks.

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Real ducks? Do you live on a farm?

No, of course not. Like rubber ducks, figurines, etc.

I will buy two mandarin ducks when I move out, though.

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