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Its time to leave fiverr waiting from 6 month

I think its time to leave fiverr

tried everything to get some work

but waiting from past 6 month i didn’t get any single messages

i saw same gig some new seller selling their gig in 95$

and he has 3 orders in queue

i m selling the gig in 20$ But i didnt get any single messages from client

Your price bracket is between $5 and $25 for the WordPress security Gig, where you offer iTheme Security PRO and Backup Buddy, that cost from $80 to $199 per year: so you’re selling at loss anyway.
It’s actually better to stop selling.


I see it is $80 to $199 per year for 10 itheme sync sites whatever that means.

> iThemes Sync offers a way to manage multiple WordPress sites from one place. Sync is also a secure way to remotely release iThemes Security lockouts and set Away Mode for your site.

I wouldn’t want someone else to be managing this for me. It looks like if someone else was doing this from a dashboard they could lock me out of my own site. The site owner would have to be the one with control of this.