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It's Time to stop


I am working on Fiverr as Photo Editor. Got some little projects. Completed those projects very well. also got tips and 5 stars from the seller. But I am not getting any orders from last one month. I am really disappointed. It looks this is an end.




With that defeatist attitude, I don’t think you’re cut out to be a freelancer, so yes, it probably is the end.


No patience, No gain, No money, No future.


Are you sure again someone is not going to flag you by using this word. :smirk: Watch out, there are some fainthearted, PG needed people out there who can mind it.


That’s how I feel this week :sweat_smile:


If that’s not a useless whiny moan from OP, I don’t know what is.


Courageous Lady indeed… :clap:
By the way, I 100% agree.


She was referring to the usage of the word in ANOTHER context perhaps…


Yeah because she used it in the same ( Complaining) sense a while ago and somebody pointed that its not what it really means and those comments were flagged. She knew what I am talking about.


No a male cartoon is moaning here. So there’s no other context to it.
(but since the character is from South Park, there IS a grey area)


Yes, I was making a joke there. I don’t remember the specific post now, but this is just outright moaning and giving up while wanting a pity party to go with it. The GIF is quite obviously someone having a moan about something. I’d say this is good to go.


Hello neerajg7, freelancing on fiverr is not right for everyone. Don’t feel bad that you couldn’t make it work. I wish you luck in your other ventures.


Actually, one year is very big time.


May be this is end but


I really Don’t know why this is happening with me. I did everything to get orders. giving my best to my buyers.


It happens to everyone. Stop whining, pull up your pants and keep trying. Nothing in this life comes without a bit of hard work, unless you’re blessed with connections and all that other jazz. You are not, so you’re stuck with the rest of the pond life, starting from nothing.

So, evolve and climb out of the pond, or continue whining to the tadpoles. Your choice mate, though it seems to have been made over the course of one year, which is not a very big time.


I want you to keep it continue, You will surely get some projects soon, Be Prayed always


Look man @neerajg7, everyone may stop believing in you…so make sure to NEVER stop believing in yourself. no matter how hard it may get. no matter how unclear the next decision your supposed to make is. be sure to BELIEVE that you will find a way. you will get up and rise again. you can only stay down for so long because of what life throws at you. after a certain point, you staying down becomes a CHOICE. so choose to get up and find your way. it’s been 3 months into the new year and i am still asking the world to show me my next move. praying my next step not be made in the dark. but no matter how long it’s taking. and no matter how hard it is. and no matter how many people have given up on me, turned their backs on me and stopped believing in me. i remain confident and faithful that soon enough i will get myself back on track and these lows that i am currently in will soon be looked back on by me staring down with a sense of clarity as to why i had to fall so low in my life. each day of failure turns into a lesson and a stepping stone to a new day of success. basically man, never give up on yourself. no matter how hard it gets. you will overcome it. and this too shall pass.

I really hope you understand something with my point.
PEACE! :v: