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It's very important to be respectful to buyers


It’s very important to be respectful to buyers. This helps to get good ratings & reviews.

What do you think ?


I agree, respect is important! Sometimes you can deal with scammers so it’s also important to be weary of them and protect your copyrighted, hard work…


Respect is a two way street, and is earned.In a professional relationship, both parties should, ideally, start off respectful and continue that way until establishing a genuine mutual trust, respect and understanding.

When either party turns asshat, professional boxing globes come on.


Absolutely right.




Correct. respect is very important for both seller and buyer.


I think it always pays to be courteous, but still maintain a professional politeness, even when dealing with a bad customer. It does nothing to add gasoline to the fire, better to try and diffuse the situation-- if possible.

I haven’t dealt with a scammer yet though, so my opinion may be biased. = P