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"It's weird - when I go in through the listing, sometimes I can't find you!" Help!


One of my buyers just said this to me. She also added “- and I have to go through our inbox messages to find your gig.” My gig is a year old, has 100% positive feedback and over 450 orders. I know this happens to other gigs too, but I had never checked it with mine! It might explain why I keep getting lapses in my orders.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know why it would happen? An explanation would be incredible.

EDIT: I just checked the listing, and while I /am/ showing up, I’m also really curious to know why people who offer the same gig as me (but have lower ratings and less orders) are showing up above me even in the highest rated section. Is there even a method of organising these gigs at all?! I used to be third from the top (V1) but now only significant scrolling (past loads of 2-3 star gigs) will find me on Highest Rated. What the fez?!