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I've a simple Question, How do Top Rated Sellers manage order workloads?


How do Top Rated Sellers manage order workloads? I see many of them have Hundreds of Orders & have short delivery times as well. How Do they manage that?


I work 7 days a week at least 12 hours a day.


An interesting question!
How can a king/ president manage a whole country? :stuck_out_tongue:
Most of the TRS has teams and assistant to do their job.
Head of them revise and maintain the quality. Moreover, who are single TRS, and has workloads, they work hard their @$$ off, like 14 hours a day. :smile:


Thank you for your response. Do you have a team or Assistants?


Some Build Up a company some work individually like you create a big fan page with 1 million traffic in will take years to make it premium quality.

after years of hard work they enjoy their traffic and sell it.they also keep editors who work for them.this was just an example !! Similar goes for other works too


Some of the comments here make me go WHATTTT :confounded:


I do the work myself. No team or assistants. Most top rated sellers do not have a team.
We just work a lot.


How do you handle the messages? Lately, I just cannot find time to reply in 2-3 hours. I started replying to all once or twice a day, but so many buyers just send 2-5 messages with ‘‘Hello?! You there? Why don’t you answer?!’’ just because they see me online. Usually, I stay online so that I can follow the order requirements when working but it is so annoying how they do not realize that we cannot stay on the chat 24/7.


I asked this Question Because i am an Active full time Seller but I can manage to deliver only 3-4 Order a day. I am surprised How the Top rated sellers manage the Hundreds of order in such a short time.


Probably another consideration you may/may not be aware of are the use of templates. If you write for a living (copywriting and other such documents) then you would more than likely have a template. So when sellers deliver huge amounts of orders it can very well be that after many years, many requests and many documents there isn’t a product variant they HAVEN’T delivered. So a few tweaks and a proofread and BOOM…Delivery.


Not true in my case. That does not work. I work hard on every article, and don’t really take on so many orders. A lot of wrong assumptions are being made here.


not true for you, but a possibility in general.


I can only speak for myself, I have no idea what others do, how they do it, and don’t care.


@writer99025 Off topic question,do you get a 3.7 or 4.7 star rating sometimes?


Yeah, sure, but rarely. Also have 5 negative reviews.


But your rating is 5 star (overall).MashAllah


STREAMLINING look at how the 30’s and 40’s perfected their productions… during the industrial age. Then use technology to your advantage.

The secret is to INVEST once, DO once, let it repeat itself by itself later, then after you get that part figured out… how do I make it FASTER!


I worked my behind off as TRS and lost my TRS status. Its not worth it. Its best to use it to grow and leave the nest. I just learned that today.