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I've abandoned my Fiverr account for months and I'm back again

Good day guys, I’ve abandoned my Fiverr account for months for my personal reason and now I’m seriously back. I’m into illustrations and drawing. Firstly, I tried to do a work and posted it with my gig link on social media and I was able to get increase in click, view and impression in 2 days after that it started showing red again.
Please, What can I do to start getting order from buyers? I’m Level one seller.

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Sharing your gigs on social media can increase your views in short time but the most important thing is to make your fiverr gig go viral on social media that will increase your view for longer time.

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How can I make it go viral on social media. Is it like promoting it?

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That is a good question, for every service people offer on Fiverr we have people who are ready to buy them.

Our potential buyer can’t find us unless we locate them, here are the steps to take to find a potential buyer on social media to make your gigs goes viral;

  1. Create a professional profile on social media that describe more about your service.

  2. Use professional headshot as your profile picture, this must be your picture.

  3. Add a fiverr gig or profile link on your profile as well.

  4. Make a research about a particular group or topics your potential buyer may be interested in.

  5. Stay active in that area, help them provide solutions to any issues they may be facing.

The bottom line; People you interact with on groups or topics related to your gig will check your profile and they will have you in mind for their next project if your solutions help them.

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Thanks, will act according to these guide.

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