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I've been flagged and ask for clarification

Hii, i was flagged and get my second warning and i’ve been demoted, it was misunderstanding between me and a buyer.
I get flagged from fiverr and i didn’t do anything bad so i ask for clarification and they respond and told me that they “we review the problem and decided to remove the warning” !!!
That mean my second strike has been removed!!
Or what!!
And if so, can i ask for demoting and back for no-level !!!

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They will let you know what they decide and how they decide. If they decide to get you back your level and remove the warning, they will. So wait for their response.
I just hope you’ll be favored.

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They respond to my first message and said they removed the warning, that will mean that the second warning is not exist anymore so how can i be sure if that!! Because after i deliver the second one i was totally upset and want to be sure it’s removed !!

Since they mentioned your second warning has been lifted from your account. Then they really meant it. Because if they didn’t removed it, I believe they wouldn’t mention that at all.