I've been gone for awhile.. what's changed?


Hey everyone!

I used to be an active seller on Fiverr, but then I started my own business, put my Fiverr account on hold and I haven’t been back for over a year now. One of the only things I miss is this forum. I used to have some great discussions and even the occasional argument lol on this forum. But mostly I met many awesome peeps here and I hope you are all doing fabulously!

Anywho, when I left Fiverr there were a few things I was happy to leave behind. One was the power that was given to buyers whereas sellers were left out in the cold. More specifically, there were a lot of issues with good sellers getting bad ratings because scam artist buyers got mad when these sellers wouldn’t provide more service then the buyer was willing to pay for. Sellers were getting their percentages reduced and their ratings reduced for no good reason other than that they refused to do $1000 worth of work for $5. Not to mention, these scammers were leaving bad reviews that the seller couldn’t delete and even with proof, Fiverr didn’t assist in removing unjust ratings.

Another issue I remember was not being able to choose who you worked with. Even if you asked people to message you prior to ordering, some buyers ignored your requests and expected you to deliver things you never agreed to. Then if you tried to cancel the order, the angry buyer could refuse and the seller would end up being screwed despite taking every precaution to avoid the situation.

I know that these were common complaints throughout the forum when I was active on Fiverr. I also know that Fiverr has made changes since then. I was wondering if any of the changes impacted these situations or is it still the same old same old with sellers being left to fend for themselves (and commiserate on the forum lol).


I think Mr Blynx covered most of the points I would have made! Welcome back and may your door not be darkened by an evil buyer :slight_smile:


Wow @kjblynx you are always so helpful!


Reply to @kjblynx: my apologies! I had you down as a man. My bad :smiley: