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I've been Handpicked apparently


Haven’t had any orders yet (it’s only been a few days, and my expectations are sensible), but I just got an email saying that my gig has been handpicked(!)

Being a complete newbie, I have zero frame of reference - is this a big deal?

Gonna keep my expectations low in any case and keep working on stuff to add to my gig. :slight_smile:


Could mean you get a “Rising Talent” badge, I guess. Use that term in the search box to see the threads/info about it.
Good luck with your gig.


Not sure, but that sounds great! Anything that gives you a bit more visibility is good news! Hope it goes well for you :).


Did as you suggested. Seems my gig meets certain “criteria” leading it to be picked by Fiverr’s editors.

Looks like it’s translating into views anyway, which can only be a good thing. The timing was good, I only finished editing and uploading a short video to add to my gallery :slight_smile:


Thanks rose, here’s hoping! :crossed_fingers: