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I've been having no impression or views on my gigs for the past 5-6 days

I’ve been having a steady amount of views, impressions and clicks on my gigs for the past month or two since i’ve started, but for the past few days, i’ve had literally 0 impressions/views/clicks on any of my gigs when I check my analytic. I can still find my gigs if I search them so I don’t think finding them is the problem. Also i haven’t had any sales in that time period so i’m not sure if that is connected or what not. Any ideas what’s wrongs.
Thanks in advance

same here i pray fiverr fix this issue ASAP!

Yep, been a bug in the system for about a week now… not much we can do besides wait it out and hope they get it fixed asap.

This sux :frowning:
Same here

Any news?

There was a thread posted about this being a common problem. I’m not having trouble finding mine either but I sure havent gotten any messages/orders. I used to see my impressions going from 5k-13k but since re-launching my account (right around the time everyone was talking about this bug) I havent really had an orders all month. (Going from $800 a month to $0 here on fiverr) So… quite concerning. I’m just not sure why the traffic seems to have stopped… All my gigs look 10x better as well…

Same problem here. :frowning:

SImilar thread:

Yes this problem is happening with me too.


same problem here! I wrote to them, I hope I’ll get some answer soon!

Me too … my gigs no impressionss