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I've been insulted because the buyer couldn't upload some file

Well this is a first here… so I had a buyer that placed an order then became very upset that he couldn’t upload a file on the order page ( like it was my fault ) After explaining that I am only a user on Fiverr and that Fiverr is not my personal website and that he should contact support about it or he could try uploading the file from a different device he started to insult me , calling me names and so on :smiley: as a bonus he requested a mutual cancellation with the reason ‘’ the buyer is not qualified to do the job ‘’ … lol

Of course I declined the request and contacted support about it but… seriously where do they come from ? :slight_smile: Aren’t the rules clear enough ? Is it hard for them to read ?!


They come from the age of instant gratification and lobotomy by social media. It sounds like you have had a lucky escape. I’d ask CS to cancel this order without it affecting your stats on the basis of your buyer being rude and uncivil.

I’ve had several buyers blow up at me over the years because of situations like this and problems with communication on their part. Now I just cancel and run at the first sign of trouble.


that’s what I did , waiting for their response now … this is unbelievable though , you try to explain and to offer them solutions and they insult you .

he was like ‘’ you’re stealing my money ‘’ … lol I am not stealing anything you just placed an order… that’s still in progress


Honestly, some people should just not be allowed on the Internet.

I had a buyer recently who said they couldn’t open the Word files I was delivering. It turned out they were using an old version of Office on Microsoft XP. I delivered in an alternate format and advised that they consider using a more secure operating system. (Just to be nice.) The buyer asked why (obviously oblivious to XP being redundant) and then shouted "ARE YOU TRYING TO SEND ME A VIRUS?"

How some people have made it this far in life bewilders me sometimes…


Any helpful messages you send can be interpreted as something sinister and dangerous I’ve found.

When I sent my usual messages explaining how my spells work one buyer immediately began sending rapid-fire hysterical messages CANCEL THIS IMMEDIATELY over and over. It sounded like they were having a total meltdown. In over 6,000 orders that was a first.


It makes me laugh how tech illiterate people think they’re so savvy about viruses.


You sometimes run into people with some generalized paranoia. Everything is a potential threat.


Well, but it seems he was right, he wasn’t qualified to do his job of uploading the file. Sorry, irresistible buyer/seller typo. :wink:


good one :slight_smile: , I meant seller

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Now, I’m off to yell at Amazon on Twitter about a late next-day delivery.



Thats true im a buyer but i can’t upload a file i got project for a animation but i the upload file in the order is uploaded but he cannot open the esp files. After that i send it again i cannot send the file anymore.until we came to stop the project.that is not good for a fiverr customer and worker. In a important project the need a file of a logo that they can create there animation or can they work if customer can’t send file.

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They don’t do this, I asked CS recently on the basis of a buyer ordering by mistake (as you so easily do), and they told me they could go ahead and cancel the order for me, but every cancellation will affect your stats, also when they cancel the order for you.

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Sometimes they do. i think it depends on who you talk to at CS and what the exact situation is. I have had orders cancelled by CS which have not affected my stats. However, I have also had other orders be cancelled and still affect my stats.


Well that’s just wrong haha. Especially when a buyer orders by ‘mistake’. Oh well, in that case I guess it couldn’t hurt to try :wink:

they actually helped me out , a few minutes ago the problem was solved


Thanks for sharing, did they say your stats would not be affected? Because they can always cancel an order for you, this says nothing about your stats not being affected though. Just curious :grinning:

As CS assured me it was not possible to cancel an order without affecting stats, also if they cancelled, I am now wondering why this happened to me in the first place haha.

I’ve been told that my stats won’t be affected

Ok, thanks for sharing again!

my stats are the same as before at least…

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Yes it doesn’t get affected immediately, it will show in a day or two. So I would definitely keep an eye on it.

This is what CS sent me a couple of weeks ago;

(Fiverr Customer Support)

Sep 6, 1:06 AM EDT

Hello Esther,

I can certainly assist you with canceling the order but all cancelations will be factored into the seller’s order completion stat no matter who cancels them. Would you like me to still proceed?