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I've been looking for over 30 minutes and still can't find the basics of fiverr. The steps/levels

I’ll give this a try.

I may be doing more buying than selling, but the title explains my question.

Could someone point me in the direction of an easy to read description of this resource and how you climb from the starting price of $5 to reach other levels that I see here. Some look like they are in the $150-$300 league, if a customer were to choose all their ‘add-ons.’ Now that’s a nice league to be in.

I have no idea if some with a year or two presence, combined with an in-demand talent, if some sellers are making $20,000, $30,000+ yrly by using this (I would be VERY interested in the results/potential if someone would like to volunteer a a story) but I’m sure there are a few.

Just trying to get the basic understanding and how many gigs I need to complete before I could charge the kind of fees (add-ons) that makes it all worth my time.

Thank you for your assistance,


JackofTrades, NfG