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I've been making gigs for 6 months now. I haven't got a job yet

I’ve been making gigs for 6 months now. I haven’t got an order yet. What to do now?


Greetings !
Are you being active on fiverr profile and its forums? ( this is most important , i recently realized it )
Use right keywords in your gig title
Write a good description with using seo keywords.
and also browse a topic 'how to get your first order" Read it and take action.

Hope it helps.


It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


All your GIGs are for services that can be done for free online.

Create something unique, custom.


Too many people doing the service!


There are also a TON of people who post their Gigs in the niche you chose, and new ones signing up daily, which makes it even harder to stand out, if that is even possible, given what you offer can be done by most for free.

And the advice to create something unique or custom also means, only create something you can actually do.



No… being active on the Fiverr Forum is not important to getting jobs. I don’t know where you are getting your information but that’s blatantly NOT true!

OP, what are you doing to improve your gigs? Reading the Fiverr Forum can offer a plethora of help to improving your gigs. What also are you doing to market yourself? You need to stand out and make yourself be seen.


Thank you very much for your advice


@moynamoti20tv Same here :frowning:


@marinapomorac You are correct. But all buyers are not aware about that free tools or don’t have time :grinning:

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your gig is highly competetive. still stay online . optimize your gig


Yes, i do now that, but she/he mentioned that she has this for 6 months with no progress.

In 6 months you can learn entire Adobe software advance (1 course PRO version is one month long)

She/he could learn graphic design basics ( course is two months long).

Social media marketing etc.

I did not wake up one morning and said OK Fiverr I am graphic designer, give me clients.

I educated myself, studied what I know, what I want and what they want. I tried to find overlapping services and offer that.

For example, she/he can offer to make 1000 UNIQUE and custom Instagram post.


Not gonna tell you because I am just making that GIG myself, but it can be done, professionally, effectively and fast (given that you know how to use computer - folder settings, image processing in metadata, excel to CSV and batch export data set section in Photoshop).

She/he can offer to set up schedule of all of that in IG, TW and FB posts (something I know how to do but I won’t …)

There are a lot of prospect categories in graphic design with not many offering quality service (not logo and that nonsense) but more narrow, specific.

But when you have a seller that tells me he could not complete the task in Excel because he can not use artboards…
no Artboards…

That is PS 2015 CS6…

How did you come to this conclusion?
No branding, no custom thumbnails, no metadata in images, not full portolio (pdt, 3 photos) used…


Upload quality design. Use relevant tags, and add to your description creatively.


Optimize your gig and sent buyer request regularly,
Be patient, hope you will get order. best wishes

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Key findings:

  • Improve your thumbnails (they are very dull)
  • Improve your title with the right keywords (try finding the right keywords to SEO your gig on fiverr)
  • Improve your copy (describe the service in detail and also offer promos)
  • Send buyer request daily (try sending the custom buyer request not the copy/paste version)
  • Give Photoshop test in fiverr skills as you have photoshop skills (and customer support just to gain the client interest)

Be patient and never give up.


Why is this important? Many experienced sellers would say they get most of their orders when they’re not logged in to Fiverr. And being on the forum is for sharing and acquiring knowledge - it is highly unlikely to lead to any orders. And yet, at the time of writing 11 people have liked your post!

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With due respect,
I didn’t mean like that, what i meant was when we become active on fiverr forum , meaning if we spend time on forum to learn we can improve our gigs. and thanks for your time.

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Keep researching & learn about fiverr trend as well as whole freelancing trend. You have to spend time to find the way. Must be patient.

Send buyer requests as many as possible. I get most of my orders from buyer requests