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Ive been on fiver for over a month and still no sales feeling kinda lost

Hey thanks for reading this ive been on fiverr for about a month and 2 weeks and havnt seen any orders but i have decent amount of pageviews on my gigs so on but people dont want to buy my gigs and im not really sure why

my videos on my gigs are a bit shabby and i will improve them but besides them what do you think i need to improve on?

here is the link to my page so you can check out my gigs and let me know what im doing wrong - See more at:

If you’re getting the page views but you aren’t selling, it could be worth making your gig descriptions more sales orientated. Something at the moment isn’t quite driving in the sale, it could be that.

I don’t think they’re bad as they are, but perhaps it would help if you made yourself and your service sound… well… awesome. Really awesome - because I’m sure they are.

If I were a big rock fan, and I saw your description, and the description of somebody that said ‘I’m a rock GOD, I’ll introduce you to ALL the hottest bands, share with you some incredible tracks you’ve never heard before AND chat to you for 25 mins about the latest rock gossip,’ I’d probably go with the latter dude, just because the gig sounds more enticing, ya know?

Worth thinking about. If people didn’t want what you offered, they wouldn’t open your gig page. Tinker with some stuff on there until the first couple of sales come in, then you’ll know what you’re doing is working.

Best of luck.

Reply to @joethorn: Okay that sounds like a plan :slight_smile: you like rock? what bands?

I dont want to be harsh, but your gigs are really bad, it is not something i would even pay 5$ for. Like, I will talk to you about band, not a good gig. Also prank someone on facebook, do you realy think that it is worth 5$. Seriously, create some good gigs. M y gigs, look pretty good, and i got my first order like in a month or in three weeks.

and so do I… sigh…

Reply to @skylight37: In response to skylights comment, have you checked out Fiverr for gigs similar to yours, just to see how they’re doing? Maybe borrow a few ideas or alterations if any are successful.

and @comfortedbasher: Classic rock all the way! But then again, I’m getting old now.

Reply to @skylight37: i am trying to do different things to other people your gigs are just copying a million other people who do the same thing

@joethorn: nice man im more into Death metal myself

don’t give up! make a slight promotion for your gig!