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Ive been on Fiverr for just over a month and still no sales

hey ive been on fiverr for just over a month but still not a single sale

even though ive sold nothing my responce time is 4hrs which is decent

my profile is 100% complete so people know im real

i have 329 pageviews across my 4 gigs but no sales

here are the links to my gigs please tell me if im doing something wrong thankyou


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Hi Adam,

From what I can see, you probably need to shoot slightly better vids for your gig intros. Maybe higher res and not hand-held, so it’s not shaky. Also, maybe try shooting the vids where its not so windy.

Having said that, it just takes a while for people to find you on here sometimes. You never know, you may suddenly get a whole wave of orders soon.

You have a great Irish accent. Can you do voiceovers? That’s pretty hot here on Fiverr.

I see you’re into Metal. Can you actually play? If you can play, how about a gig ‘singing’ happy birthday to someone while strumming that guitar?

Just two ideas that could sell faster on here.

Good luck.


Wow thanks man i really appreciate the help m/

hi! I have a voice over gig here too, and I think you could do great with an Irish accent! I I wish I could offer that. To improve your gig, I would put up some samples of how your finished audio recording would sound, so people have a good idea what to expect when ordering from you. You can include that in your video intro. Also I second doing a video intro that isn’t shaky, since this can help you seem more professional. I like the singing gig idea, too.

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Hello, no worries seriously, i had no sales for over 2 months! , all you can do really is share on twitter make there page and wrote about ur skills and share it with fiverr and other tags, then share here on forum in my gig section everyday or even better 3 times a day atleast. Also keep making better and better gig pictures, edit often you description. But trust me, one day it will come, just wait and keep sharing be alot active on forums and I am sure someone will order. Patience is they key to a success. Little tip : try to make collage of your photos of prank try to do funny poses and faces on it and make a nice photo from it in photoshop. And also edit your videos in some softwares add effects maybe background music and improve your quality of videos of course if you cant then try to atleast make some effects in video so it looks more creative.

Hey brother you need to know what you are going to say before you say it. You also need to slow down in your talking and make what you are saying believable. Look at my gigs for examples…

Good luck!


don’t be discuraged it took time to me at first as well.

I recommend to publish more gigs. In the real beginning I was not making any sales then I have added few more gigs until I have published this and I have made more than 200 sales so far!

Keep going and don’t give up :wink:

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Welcome to Fiverr! I would agree with the comments before. I have a feeling you would do a better job on a video that you delivered for a client than you did on your intro video. If you deliver products now that have a $25.00-$100.00 value to the customer for Five dollars you will get alot of projects completed and be ready to add gig extras when you level up. In my case, the same clients that bought $5 gigs, were ordering the same kind of projects 60 days later for $45.00. To the customer, $5.00 is alot and they spend it like it’s the last $5.00 they have. When you blow them away with your product it will work well for you and them.

Get some friends to buy your gigs. That will give you some completed orders, great feedback and really speed up the process. Would be a great investment into your gigs.

Nice Accent!


Reply to @landongrace: Thanks m/ yea i was trying to get some friends to buy one of my gigs also i was offering 4 of my gig for the price of one on the forums but still not a bite :frowning: but ill just have to wait ha

I would investigate what people are looking for on Fiverr. I think the novelty gigs have worked for some, but I don’t have experience with them. There are people already planning to spend money on specific categories on Fiverr. If you offered items that alot of people are looking for, you may see more traffic quicker. It’s only $5, but people spend it like it’s the last five dollars in their pocket. I try to treat each $5.00 order that way.

Don’t let your profile and your style limit who your audience is. If people are looking for highly engaged, high octane providers that will return messages and give incredible customer service, They need to get that impression in the first few seconds of looking over your profile and material.

I have recorded rock bands and music groups for 20 years and I always saw them put a band together, put a set list together, and practice way before they new where they were going to play. Only to find out that it didn’t matter how good they were if no one wanted to hire that genre in there town. Work it backwards, See who and what people are looking for and figure out how to provide it for them. You have a kiosk in the Mall of Fiverr and you will figure out how to sell you and your product. It’s a great journey. Keep me posted on how it goes!

I vote voice over too!

Hello there,

From my experience you should emulate the success of others in the niche. See what they are doing that they are successful. They are an example that there is demand for their gigs.

Also, one of the most important things at the beginning of your journey is to over deliver in my opinion. Offer more than anyone in your category. This will allow you to get some orders and good reviews. Once you get 1st review and keep over-delivering, you will see more sales.

Hope that helps