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I've been on here for a year almost, and I'm not really getting much orders. Why?

So, as the title depicts, I’ve been on Fiverr for 11 months now and I’ve only gotten 5 orders in that time. I see people on YouTube getting like 400-600$ in their first 4-6 months, and even my cousin just popped off, but I’m stuck with 5 orders under my belt and 61.60$. I don’t understand why I got shafted. Could anyone please take a look at my profile and tell me what’s wrong?


Wawawewa. With that description of course you wouldn’t attract clients.
You literally wrote “but plz I need dolla” in your description :scream:

Apart from that you have only 3 min read time on the forum. I think you also could’ve spend a bit more time reading all the advices here during that year that you’ve been on fiverr.

Please also move your post to improve my gig category. You are not allowed to post links outside of that category


I don’t know if I am missing something here or what. Anyway, you are begging for orders and calling people “big g*y” if they don’t purchase your gig. I’ve seen sellers with funny and ironic descriptions but still professional and effective. With questionables description and gigs, I believe that’s what is lacking in yours and pushing you apart in the marketplace.


I’ve changed up my profile and gigs to look frank but still professional somewhat. I’m working on videos for my gigs too. Any other tips?

first impression is not good for people who visit to your gig
please make eye catching gig


OMG, imagine coming in here wondering why you are not getting orders and having that in your gig description. :rofl:

I still don’t think your profile looks professional. The foot gig makes it look very childish.

I think learning a few things about business communication would be helpful for you. “Excellence in Business Communication” is a good book to start. Also, I think perhaps you need to mature a little bit too.


Is this for real, I almost feel like we’re being trolled!? This is the kind of thing i’d expect to see on The Late Show or something similar.

The foot gig, seriously, for 50 dollars, what am I missing? The stock image you use of the foot is terribly low quality too. Looks like a right handed blind butcher wrote it with his left hand (or his foot).

I will literally send you a picture of a foot. Just a pic of a foot.

Why Me?

  • High Quality Foot Stock Images
  • Foot
  • Will satisfy your foot needs
  • I’m awesome

Also, you have a university law degree from 2003 according to your profile, wouldn’t law based gigs be more profitable for you?


Anyway, the best thing you can is read and research, I’d suggest the forum and maybe this free ebook:

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Give your foot gig “the boot”!

Your amateurish profile description will put many buyers off.

Buyers are looking for a professional service.

Check this out:

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I removed that foot gig. I also generalized my Video Editing Gig for After Effects as well as Premiere Pro. currently working on videos for the gigs. I’ll work on a good professional description too. I also just noticed that my gigs are getting more clicks. Thanks a lot for the tips!

If you want to be taken seriously, you have to act serious about your business. Your profile does not emit that image at all. It comes across that of a teenager goofing off on the internet.


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Hi @desigexa, I have completed more than 100 orders in 2 Months. Please create your Attractive and professional thumbnail, Share your gig on
social media, Blogs and websites. Send Buyer Requests daily, stay Maximum time Online for fast reply to client, and Provide Quality work to clients. Best of Luck

Stop parroting advice that is worth less than day old bread here.
Do YOU stay online for 24 hours 7 days a week? I doubt it, as humans (normal ones, anyways) need to sleep. And if you do indeed stay online here 24/7, and are doing this using a auto browser refresh extension, expect your account to get a warning or worse, banned.



True. I try to check every hour I am awake, and what little work I got, I reciecved 5 stars on it.

I mean stay Online maximum time for Quick Response to clients. I did not told to use Auto Refresher. I am also Professional Freelancer. Thank You

Well, then, do not say in posts, “Try to stay online 24/7”. Newbies tend to think this is such great advice, when it is impractical and will do nothing to make your account a success here. You have been here a day - and have read all of 23 minutes of the forum You may want to do more reading before spouting off “advice” that is not conducive to succeeding here.



You clearly said in your description that you are not a professional anymore. You might need to check that since anyone paying for a service wants the best


Good @genuineguidance, I have edit my comment. I am Professional and new seller on Fiverr. I know that this is Respectable Marketplace. Every Honest and Professional Seller know about Good behavior. Comment “Try to stay online 24/7” I mean stay maximum time on Fiverr for Fast Response to client( in app). I don’t mean use another way for stay online. Thanks for your Guidance.


Thanks! Changed it up a bit. Hope it looks better now.

P.S no offense but if you don’t buy, then you’re still awesome

Suggest you remove this sort of commentary from your gig description/s.

“2.Not annoying”

Also remove the above from your profile description.

None of the above comes across as professional.