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I've been scammed

I requested something simple and got a message that my order was delivered, but it wasn’t.
I’ve been requesting a revision of my order for more than 1 month, but nobody has contacted me. I feel completely ripped off. You can pay for something and have zero guarantee that’s going to be done. I will never use Fiverr again and I am actually going to spread bad reviews online

OK then. Seems you’re after stamping your feet and shouting on review sites more than seeking advice and help, so I’ll let you get on with it.


This seems interesting never knew this could happen. How did you actually asked for a revision, by chat? If you did ask for a revision and never got one then the seller most likely didn’t receive any payment too. You need to post some screenshots and remember to censor the sellers name.

Don’t worry you can just contact customer support for a refund. Fiverr is all about making buyers happy. If you ever feel that you’ve been ripped off you can contact customer support. Additionally, like the reply’s from @emmaki and @adityasharma3d say, you should ask for advice and share proof before making any serious judgment or claim regarding Fiverr sellers as a whole.
I hope this post helped up. Again, we’re all about making buyers happy. So rest assured whatever issue you’re having will be resolved with a bit of help from other buyers/sellers.

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Thank you ssj1236, how can I contact customer support?strong text


Customer Support:

I’m so sorry you had this bad experience! Please know that not all sellers are like that and most are excellent.

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Additionally you can contact them from the order you’re having issues with from clicking the “Resolve Now” button to make the process faster and simpler.
Sorry for the bad edit over-worked today and its 5 am where I live.


Thank you for your help


No problem, just keep in mind that like everywhere else there are some bad apples and Fiverr is no exception. I honestly hope you give Fiverr another chance.