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I've been told i need to upload a better picture for my gig


higher resolution etc. so I have one, and I deleted the old one, added the new one and hit Save & Continue and it just sits there, processing, processing… on and on and never does anything. It’s been days of me trying to change this damned picture so that my gig can hopefully go up.

The site is a nice concept, but it’s user ease is the worst I’ve ever seen.

Next move I guess is to simply try to make a whole new gig with the new photo and see if that works instead. Pain in the fecking arse tho.


I’m currently dealing with the same problem. From past experience, contacting customer support is the most efficient way to get a real answer about why a picture was rejected. (Unfortunately, my issue is taking longer to get resolved than similar problems in the past, but we’re working on it.) I agree that they need better error messages and more specific instructions, though.


I know that if you post 3 videos in a row that are rejected you are ‘locked out’ from posting vids until you contact CS at least… I had some issues posting a week or so ago… I imagine there is a similar system in place for photos? shrug



You may already have tried this.

Clear your cookies. Restart your machine. Try different browsers.

I actually use two different browsers. One for editing my gigs and another for delivering files to buyers. I can’t explain it, but each browser has quirks within Fiverr.


i gave up on it tbh… even support didn’t understand my question


I had the same trouble. Went to my other, newer computer, with a newer system and newer version of the same browser in it, and it worked perfectly.

Fiverr probably wouldn’t know about this, as there are so many different systems and browsers and versions of browsers, that it’s hard to be aware of every possible quirk.


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