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I've completed 500 orders so far


Hi you,
I’ve just completed 500 orders in my loving Fiverr.

It was not smooth all the time I passed through, but I’m satisfied enough to continue for a long run. I’m a one man army but I keep myself in learning process everyday.

Sometimes it is too hard to maintain all the way of personal and business environment. But when buyers appreciate and put honest complements it feel awesome. I get more encouragement to live in the holy earth.

Thanks a lot for reading my worthless lines.
Best wishes for all of the sellers and buyers! Happy fiverring!!!



Great. Keep it up (y)


Thank you.
Good luck for you too.


congratulations :+1::+1:


You are welcome!
Fiverr is a nice market only. If we handwork in the proper way, success is the matter of time only.


yeah, you are right :slightly_smiling_face: but also sometimes it feels super challenging


Congratulations to you


Congratulation :tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::balloon:
Hope one day i will be :grinning::smiley:
Keep me in your pray.


Thank you too. I wish you good luck too!


Sure, why not? Try your best please. Good luck!


Wow great congratulation :slight_smile:


Congratulations :star::star::star::star::star: for you.


great work , i but i was hoped to say in how much time have you done that
and give us some advice (the beginners ) from your experience


Congratulations…More grease to your elbow…


good luck for you…


@engshimul Oh it is awesome…keep it up


at first congratulation. i hope i will be there one day. plz pray for me.


Thank you too much! Good luck for you too.


Your appreciation encourage me. Thanks a lot!


@mahdikaanich916 It took couple of years.

@wordpress_whiz, Thanks a lot!

@avro01, best wishes for you too.

@tahmid033, Yes it feels really good. I’m trying my best. Thank you very much.

@musfakur sure, why not? Just do with passion.