I've completed five gigs with extra rate was $272 buyer got refund by contacting fiverr support


I’ve completed about five gigs of my same buyer and gave him my work. First he marked my order completed with total five star positive rating and later he gave me negative and got refund about $272

I’ve worked so much hard with my full team but after got his work successfully from me then he Got refund the dollar $272 by Fiverr Customer Support.

Please Please Please Help me Is there any option to get the dollar back.


I’m sorry and I fully understand your frustration for this. :frowning:

Anyway on forum we’re all regular users just like you and we cannot help you; you should create a ticket on Customer Support site and explain what happened, providing every evidence you have, and wait for their answer.


That’s so unjust, and I’m really sad right now because we can do nothing about it, let’s just hope fiverr will help you with all their best to solve this issue. :frowning:

This is very sad.


I’ve contacted with fiverr support but the even reply me.




Reply to @rupkothakpi: you should have to wait for days… :frowning:


I also face same problem few days ago.After the job mark as complete and give positive feedback then Bayer contact the Fiverr Customer Support back the dollar and i also complain the Fiverr Customer Support with screen shots but they didn’t reply me yet.I am totally surprised and shocked and decided to leave the Fiverr forever …


My experience is that the seller is the one who will lose in situations like this. I have had buyers receive refunds after leaving outstanding feedback - as in your situation - and money was refunded without me being notified or receiving the opportunity to respond.

After filing a ticket with customer support, I was informed that Fiverr must do things like this from time to time “for your own protection.” In other words, Fiverr wasn’t paid, so they took it from my earnings rather than the 20% that they already take.


Hey , There I also now working with like this another client. Is there any option to get the dollar permanently .


The bad thing is fiverr customer support don’t reply me for this situation.