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I've completed over 1,000 sales since January 1st. Ask me anything

Hey Fiverr,

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but in just a few months, I’ve completed over 1,000 gigs. I’d love to see the community grow. Ask me anything.

  • Adam

Congratulations on your amazing success! I only glanced at your profile so far, didn’t really look at your gigs, but I did notice you have a lot of video intros and highly rated gigs. Did you start with a video format for your gigs from the very beginning, or did that come later as part of a progression? I’m interested in hearing about what kind of effect a quality video can have on orders in comparison to the orders on the same gig pre-video.

Reply to @adversity: I started with videos from the start. It takes 30 seconds to record one, and it helps build trust by putting a face with the profile. For better or for worse, buyers like to “judge the flag,” and won’t hire people from non-US or EU countries. I capitalize on that by adding video to everything I do, proving that I’m an American with solid communication skills.

I also think a video helps the Fiverr algorithm rank you highly.

I’m sure video quality helps, but I record my intros either with an iPhone or my computer’s built in webcam.

First of all congratulations for completing 1000 gigs.

Well I have a query regarding gigs. I want to sell few products and services, which cost more then $5. Can you tell me how I can do it and create a gig for a service or product costing more then $5 or $10 etc.?

Reply to @innovativebiz:

There’s an old saying in business. You have to eat sh** before you can eat steak.

You have to work really hard, and sell quite a few gigs before you reach levels 1 and 2. That will unlock the ability to sell a “base service” for $5, then “add-ons” for much more.

You have to offer things that people want. Fiverr buyers are smart. They aren’t looking for “information products” (which 97% of the time are rehashed scams from certain forums) or Facebook likes anymore. They’re looking for legitimate, skilled service providers. If you’re looking for easy money, you may be in the wrong place.

I have a question I would like to know about video uploading. I am trying to upload a video to my gig and it says it will take 24 hours to process so do I stay on that page until its done processing? I tried to press done and when I look at my gig it says video rejected. So is there a certain format the video needs to be in? Or dose it matter? This one is in mp4. Thank you.

Reply to @madmoo:

Thanks! It’s been fun, and frustrating, and awesome, and makes me question my faith in humanity.

Reply to @twesolutionsexp:

I think that would be better posed to customer service, but I do not stay on the page. The video needs to mention the following lines:



Ohh wow thank you!

I’m pushing the 1000 mark for the year. I’m already seeing a significant increase in orders from last year.

My question is how do you manage so many orders? I’m at the laptop trying to catch up all day every day and can barely take a break. I need some tips.

Reply to @jtengle:

I work “swing shifts.” I’ll wake up around 9-10am, and answer questions, complete a few projects, and handle some marketing. Around 1pm, I’ll take a long lunch and walk the dogs until 3pm-3:30pm. Then I’ll hunker in and work until about 11pm.

I have a 10-day lead time, which has allowed me to stay on track… though I may have to extend it.


Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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