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I've Created 2 gigs and I still have 0 impressions, why?

I have created 2 gigs and the status is active for both of them, still they have no impressions and it’s still completely fixed at 0. I tried changing price and every other thing including editing the gig and saving them again.


Very first you check your gig is active or not? If your gig is active but still you did not get any impression then don’t worry, you do social share our gig. If you can share your gig on Twitter a week regularly you will see your gig improvement. (Its Proved Method)

Hello, :innocent:

I think you created a gig successfully. after we publish the gig, its needs time to recognize and index in the Fiverr search engine. after index, it takes time to rank on the search result.

so if you edit the gig every time, it takes a long time to reindex and update your new gig details. I think you should give time for the Fiverr search engine to index your gig. after it you can see traffic to your gig.

If there are any skill test exams on your niche, complete them. it will support the ranking process.

This is only my idea in my knowledge. our forum has experts. I think they will reply to this post if I wrong. Thank you. stay safe. :relaxed:


Hey thanks for the reply, I didn’t know about the indexing and I did a lot of edit in some intervals, thanks to your reply, I won’t do it again.


Thanks for the reply. Yes the gig is active and it had no impressions, I will surely try to share my gig on twitter.

Welcome to Fiverr. As a suggestion, I would change your descriptions as it is too vague and can lead to a lot of problems in the future. Example: “I will type anything with any length in the minimum possible time”

What does that mean? 1000 or 100000 words? One hour or 3 days?

When you do not have a clear plan, your client can literally ask for anything.

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Yes, I didn’t give much thought to it, though now I have edited it and set explained descriptions.

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Great. The narrower you have, the better for your sake.

Thank you for suggesting me the correct way.

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Welcome to Join Fiverr and Fiverr Forum…

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After the edit, the impressions are at a stop, is there any specific time range around which the reach/impressions starts increasing?

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