I've created a page for my gigs + Collecting Gigs


Hey everyone I created a page for my gigs on FB if you would like to check it out search Kimberleeb’s Fiverr and like it and I’ll collect your gigs. :smiley:


collect my gigs please




Reply to @silentsword18: I’ve collected your gigs : )


I also have a FB Fiverr-related page. Just search Carlaism . @kimberleeb I liked your page. :smiley:


Reply to @carlaism: Just liked your page, but I don’t see your like on my page. Mine is the one with me in a pink shirt with black on the left side and it says Fiverr.


nice page friend


Reply to @kimberleeb: I did like it. I can see that you liked my page too (I used to have 4 likes, now I have 5) but I can’t check who are the people who liked it. Also, I didn’t get any notification of it. I have no idea how FB pages work. :stuck_out_tongue: You have a blue cover photo, right? And the text on it is “Kimberleeb’s Fiverr”.


Reply to @kimberleeb: Oh, and thank you so much for liking my page! :slight_smile:


Hey there…

Collected GIG & LIKE done :)) , LIKE your pages on FB done :d

Here’s my GIG


Im new here, so It will help me a lot with the gig and like …

Thanks munch xx


Reply to @qtania: Collected and thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @carlaism: I see it now FB is just being weird haha