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I've decided to help people set up their gigs

I have decent grasp of English language and I’m realising that this plays a huge part in whether prospective customers decide to patronise sellers or not so for my new gig, the service I’m offering is basically to set up gigs, complete with attractive gig photos for Fiverr sellers. Check it out and please let me know what I can improve.

I seen a few people offer this service before. I don’t know why people don’t take advantage of it. The only downside I can see is that you yourself have 7 gigs on your page but haven’t received a rating or review as of yet.

Best of luck.

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Because fiverr was deleting gigs like that

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Hi, in fact, your own performance gig pictures looks very very simple, It doesn’t look attractive or etc , also you don’t have a good description that to make people are interested in buying your services … If you offer services like this, your own gig images and description have to be attractive, . That’s what I felt .


Oh no, do you have any idea why?

Thank you very much! I’ll definitely take it into account.

I am a relatively new seller, but I’mm definitely working on it. Thank you!

I don’t know the reasoning behind that because it’s not written in TOS but recently they started deleting this gigs that were helping people set up gigs or do seo for gigs or place “stars” or “levels” on a gig pictures or “fiverr logo”.

We just saw a couple of people here on a forum who tried to create similar gigs but fiverr removed them. I guess because fiverr feels that they have enough materials that they provide in help page, TOS and in free fiverr learn course to help to create gigs and they don’t like when someone else is trying to speculate on that.

But you can always reach out to fiverr support and ask them if this service is allowed.


You’ve been very helpful. Thank you.
I’ll go back to consult the TOS.

There are many sellers do the same work as you , you don’t need to ask TOS , I though they were too busy… If you search gig by keywords " create fiverr gig " , you will found many similar gigs . Some sellers already do a good job :slight_smile:

I’ll just have to do better then :grinning:

TOS is a document. It’s called Terms of services. And fiverr support is a support team.

If other sellers do the same work it doesn’t mean it’s allowed. It might only mean that they didn’t get caught yet. It’s always better to make sure and ask instead of blindly hoping that your gig wouldn’t be removed


Oh, yes, your idea is good :slight_smile:

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I’ve read a few threads here on the forums that discuss this, and one of the likely conclusions was that it risked false advertising. If someone with poor English has a perfect description, a buyer who expects good communication skills will be understandably upset. This does not leave a good impression of Fiverr as a platform.