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I've deleted a gig no reviews, no impressions, no orders. Does it happen

What should I do? I’ve deleted a gig. Since there has been no response to the rest of the gigs, no reviews, no impressions, no orders.


What do you want to do after deleting a gig? Make it again. Remember never delete your gig only pause it until its necessary.


I would like to ask my friend that the gig that I have deleted is happening because there is no order.

I suggest you. 1st you should research your keyword and title and give a nice discription as like your service. I wish you will get an order and impression.

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Deleting one gig doesn’t directly affect the performance of all your other gigs unless you deleted your best-selling gig.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums. Your question is a bit unclear, but it’s likely coincidental that your impressions dropped when you deleted the gig. (If that’s what you’re asking.)


when did you created the gig which you have deleted?

I think I made the gig in February

OK. Before creating your gig have you ever done keyword research?

yes I have done 3 or 5 keywords

What was the title of your gig and main keyword?

edit gig and keywords wedding, events etc. Sorry, aren’t we going wrong? We’re talking about how deleting one of my gig is affecting the rest of my gigs.