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I've delivered a couple orders, gotten some good reviews, what should I do to improve my gig?

Hey all, I’ve been getting back into Fiverr, I’ve recently purchased a new Blue Yeti Microphone as I have really enjoyed creating voiceovers.
I also have a long term buyer now.
If you guys have any ideas on how to improve my gig it’d be great if you could let me know.

  • Josh

I would suggest you use different audio samples for each gig and the samples should reflect the subject matter and style of the you’re you’re offering. When you use one generic sample for everything, it doesn’t show clients if you’re a good fit for their particular need. Also, if someone is browsing all your samples on your profile, each gig audio is another opportunity to wow them. You don’t have that when you use the same audio for every one. Plus, it kind of annoyed me that I took the time to listen to each one, but they were all the same. It was a waste of my time.

Also, your photos are all the same template with just the word or phrase pertaining to each gig changed. They need to be different.

Hello! I’d like to jump in here and make a suggestion regarding your gig. First - A Blue Yeti is not the best choice for VO. It signals “amateur”. I know, it is a bit pricey to get the proper equipment - let alone know how to use it - but this is what separates good quality from amateurs. First, treat your space. There are plenty of videos on youtube to help you. I suggest Booth Junkie. THEN, make sure you have a dedicated space to record. This place will be treated, no fans, computers and such. Eliminate echo etc. An A/D interface is required - go with a scarlett 2i2, mogami cables and a decent condenser mic. A rode NT1 or NT1A is a good choice to start. Yes, you can use a blue yeti, but only in a properly treated space. Still, it’s an amateur mic…Otherwise, the quality of the mic will be obvious. Not a good thing. then, practice, practice, practice…maybe some coaching…THEN, you will be delivering some good VO files. I’l sit back and let people comment. Best Regards,



Hey thanks for the suggestion, I don’t have an echo, as well as sound panels around the room, But thanks :slight_smile: