I've discovered something distressing about the gig listings


I’ve discovered something peculiar about the Fiverr search/gig listings. Very peculiar in fact. I discovered it by chance this evening while I was exploring gigs on Fiverr; You may want to run a test for yourself, to see if you’re experiencing the same thing. I’ll bet you probably are, and you just don’t know it yet.

This may just be another quirky phase of Fiverr’s search “updates”, and we have nothing to be concerned about… or it could be something far more distressing.

I’ll explain.

I use Google Chrome to access Fiverr.

Fiverr has stated that Chrome is, in fact, their preferred browser. They say that the site is built for – and works best in – Chrome. – (Keep this in mind as you read the rest of my post.)

On August 1st (three days ago), I noticed a COMPLETE change in the gig category listings for my top-selling gig (“Average Customer Review” page). All gigs on my gig category page were completely rearranged. Other sellers noticed the same – as a few forum discussions have indicated. Gigs previously at the bottom of page 1 (or many pages down in the listings) were now at the top. Other gigs that had been at the top on page 1 were now not showing up until page 20.

Remember, this is in Google Chrome.

This change has remained consistent since August 1. It would seem that this is how the “updated” gig listings (on category pages) are supposed to look.

But the issue goes a lot deeper. Let me provide a little backstory to set things up a bit…

Up until early May, my top-selling gig had been among the top-listed gigs in my category (on the “Average Customer Reviews” page). Sales were plentiful, work was consistent. Then, one day in early May, without warning, Fiverr broke. Literally. The site looked like someone had taken the code, mixed it up, and left the whole site looking like a pile of puzzle pieces. The navigation was in utter disarray; site links were broken, and worst of all, the delivery system wasn’t working. This wasn’t a universal broken site thing, though – it only seemed to be affecting USA sellers (and even then, not all USA sellers). A topic was started on the forum, with many users posting about the errors, and venting their frustration over the site being so utterly and completely broken.

These broken site errors lasted for about two weeks.

For me, during these two weeks, about 12 orders went late because I was unable to deliver anything. A few of those orders went so late that I was penalized with 1-star “did not deliver on time” reviews. Fiverr Customer Support, as well as the tech guys, had no idea what was broken. Eventually, after days of trial and error, they did finally repair the site, but by then the damage was done.

So many of my orders had gone late (including the few that were automatically cancelled), that my gig quickly fell from the top of my category page. It sank all the way to the bottom of page 1. Orders dried up. Fiverr’s site errors had effectively killed my popular gig.

Remember, we get penalized – for 60 days – for all cancelled and late orders. For 60 days, these negative actions are tracked, and can adversely affect your gig – as they did mine.

Fast forward 60 days, until mid-July. That 60-day penalization period had cleared, and my top-ranked gig no longer had any negative marks against it. Nonetheless, my gig still remained at the bottom where it had fallen. Almost no one visited it anymore.

I contacted Fiverr, to follow up, and asked that they repair the damage they had caused. I did not earn those negative marks against my top-selling gig; they were not my fault. They were the result of Fiverr being broken for so long, and me being unable to deliver my orders. Despite my concerns however, Customer Support apologized repeatedly, but stated that they could not do anything to correct the result of their errors. It wasn’t within their policy.

So, there my gig sat… out of sight. Out of mind.

Then came August 1. Suddenly, my gig at the bottom of page 1 on my category page was in the top row of page 1. TOP ROW! I was thrilled. This was where it was supposed to be (and where it would have stayed, had Fiverr not become broken and killed it’s ranking).

Fiverr had obviously updated their search/gig listings on August 1.

Right now, my top-selling gig appears in the #4 spot at the top of my category page – when viewing Chrome. At least that’s what I see.

I became curious, however, when it seemed that my newly regained top spot was not resulting in any new category page orders. Surely, a gig with such a prominent listing again should be seeing a new stream of orders, right. Not so. My only orders were coming in from my own advertising sources (I know, because I track these sources).

But here’s the distressing part…

I opened up two other internet browsers – Firefox (with the latest update), and Microsoft Explorer. I was surprised to see the pre-August gig arrangement – with my gig still listed at the bottom of page 1 – still out of sight, out of mind.

Yet, right there, on Google Chrome, my top-selling gig starred back at me from the #4 spot – almost as if it was taunting me… laughing at my confusion.

I then cleared all browser data, and all history from Google Chrome, and, unsurprisingly, Google Chrome once again showed my gig at the bottom of page 1. All three browsers were showing my gig at the bottom – out of sight, out of mind.

But here’s the kicker… and the thing YOU may want to test out with your gigs as well…

I signed into Fiverr – on Google Chrome – and went to my gig’s category page, and, lo and behold, the August 1st gig rearrangement starred back at me. Once again, there was my top-selling gig, smiling happily at me from the #4 spot on the “Average Customer Review” page.

Remember, I cleared my cache, and Google Chrome went back to the old listings. I signed in, and they were updated right back to the current August 1 listings.

Apparently Fiverr itself favors the August 1 update, but Firefox and Explorer showed no change.

So… Apparently, my gig is supposed to be in the #4 spot – yet, sales and traffic don’t seem to match that placement. And, Firefox and Explorer were never updated. There is an odd disconnect in what different internet browsers are showing when it comes to Fiverr search and gig listings. The browsers do not match. Different browsers show completely different results.

Yes folks, we thought the Fiverr search and category listing updates were strange and, some would say, completely screwed up… yet, my discovery this evening, shows that it’s a lot more confusing than we had thought.

So, if anyone wants to confirm my discovery above, and let me know if you see the same thing for my brand gig, please feel free. I’d love to hear what you see on your end.

But even more concerning… you may want to check and see how this recent August 1 update has affected YOUR gigs as well. Do you see the same listings in Google Chrome, as you see in Firefox, Microsoft Explorer, or other web browsers?

Share your findings below. I’d love to hear what you discover. If this listings issue is universal – as it may very well be – ALL of our gigs are effected. And it may explain the frustrating listing drops so many people are experiencing – as well as the drop in orders, since not every buyer sees the same listings across all browsers.

PLEASE NOTE: This topic is NOT about the search results. Those are supposed to change with each user’s search preferences. Search is dynamic to each user. This topic is about where gigs are located pre-, and post-change, on the category pages (especially on the “Average Customer Review” page).


This is wired, do we have to be worried about it?


I’m a seller, and I’m concerned. There isn’t anything I can do about it… but I am concerned nonetheless. This doesn’t seem to be how things are supposed to work. Either there’s a major site error somewhere, or, Fiverr could be running a strange gig ranking test that turns up different resuts in different web browsers.


I will try to check it out, BTW i am seller to…
Nice post Thanks for the share!


Thank you so much for posting this.
I thought it was only me.
One of my best selling gigs was in the 4th row under the Avg. customer ratings tab.
On 1st of August I noticed that this gig was now on the second page and one of my not so well performing gig was on the first page first row!
But here’s what I also noticed that even though my best selling gig is on the second page now, I seem to be getting consistent orders just like how I would get them when the gig was on the top position.
I logged out of my Fiverr account to check and it shows me the pre August 1st arrangements that is my gig on the first page 3rd row.
I’m not really sure what Fiverr is up to but yes I’m concerned.


I tried Chrome and IE and my 3 best selling gigs are on the first or second rows in both but jump around each time I refresh my browser to various spots on those two rows.

I also searched in incognito mode in Chrome but it made no difference.

Same here. My impressions and sales don’t match that.

@jonbaas Neither of your first two best gigs appeared on the first two pages of their categories for me.

edit: your best gig is on the second row under Ave. Cust. Review, first spot.


I use Chromium, not Chrome, and, when I look at Business>Branding Services (no keywords, no filters), you’re at the bottom of page 1 in Average Customer Review. Firefox shows the same spot.

There’s some good news, too: if I search for ‘brand package’, you’re #6 in Relevance (Chromium and Firefox both).


Your best gig shows up under Average Customer Review on the second line, first position.

Your second best gig didn’t show up under anything on the first page.


I’m actually furious about this but more due to one of my own discoveries. 2 weeks ago I deleted 2 of my real estate video gigs replaced them with 2 new ones and updated the third. None of these had been anywhere in Fiverrs search for months so it was worth revamping them.

The good news, after revamping each video format, increasing prices, and setting delivery at 1-day, all three gigs appeared on the front page of Fiverr searches for ‘real estate video.’ Even better, I started getting lots of messages and made over $200 on these gigs just last week.


Two days ago however, I wake to a new $55 order which a dispute had been opened on already and a message saying. ‘I need 3 minutes of real estate video editing, if you can do this let me know, if not, just cancel.’

Now, this is where it gets interesting. I had no option but to cancel. I don’t offer this service. The problem is as soon as I did, Fiverr says bye bye to my gigs overall. A search for ‘real estate video’ now finds one of my gigs on page 11, I gave up finding the other two. Search using the promotion and brand video tab and I appear scattered over page 2 and 3 for some gigs. I know, however, that most buyers aren’t searching this way as when I’m not in the top pages for basic ‘real estate video’ searches, I don’t get orders.

Also, this has happened to all my gigs. 1 cancellation in 60-days. = Bye bye, we don’t want you anymore.


Very odd. I even had other local computer users (not Fiverr users) visit the site listings on their computers (not signed in, obviously), and they saw the current Chrome results that I see – with my branding gig listed at #4 on the “Average Customer Reviews” category page.

Could it be that, for some reason, Fiverr is serving up #4 spot rankings for only those in my geographic region? That wouldn’t make any sense either.


@jonbaas No sorry I saw your branding gig on the second row of ave cust. reviews in the first position using Chrome.

I don’t see why when my best 3 gigs are in such good spots they don’t get sales.

I’ve been here forever and those spots always have brought tons of sales. Are average prices now showing on gigs?


Search in general (not just on Fiverr) does give different results to different regions.


Very odd. You’re seeing the top spot for that top gig as well (the same thing that I see). While other people are still seeing the bottom of the page listing that I no longer see on Chrome.

“Odd” seems like an understatement at the moment.


For some users, yes. When I look at your profile, I see average prices.


I have a 94% cancellation rate. I didn’t think it mattered what it was since I’ve had worse than that and had amazing sales.


That explains why I have no sales then.

Yesterday they must have shown starting prices for a few minutes instead of average prices so I got 5 sales in two minutes.


If it’s not too much trouble can someone post a screenshot of where my gigs are
and show if it’s average prices on the page? I don’t see that even in incognito mode.


I don’t even want to look, it is completely confusing and doesn’t make sense. It’s like it is completely random.


So basically I don’t get sales because my average prices are showing.


If I had starting at prices showing I would be getting tons of sales in those positions.

Time to end this experiment fiverr!


Yes , Fiverr has Started Messing it up Real Bad… Now a Days Ranking & " Average Customer Review" Tab is Not making any Sense And they are just Ruining it Very Badly… Don’t know what’s Wrong & when they will take it Seriously to Fix this issue…Working here since the inception of fiver But haven’t seen fiverr search & system in such a Terrible state !