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I've gig 6 but there is not a single order

What could be the reason for not getting my gig order? Help me a little. I have an excuse for all my work in Gig. I’m not getting the order despite having an affair. What can i do now This is my profile link =

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You are saying that you are an expert in digital marketing, so why don’t do the same marketing for your gigs as you offering for your clients?

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I do not get any Oder.

So far no order came to me.

What are you doing to get orders? You are saying you are a marketing expert, so how people can trust you and order from you when you can’t even do proper marketing for yourself?

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I have share my gig with in a social media Facebook,Twitter, Instagram But the order is not coming.I tried to highlight my gig.

I do all the work on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,Facebook,pinterest , Web traffic.

I am not satisfied with you gig images

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I do not understand why you did not like the gig picture. But what is my choline now for ordering?