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I've got $250 Order but Buyer is very Picky, What to do?

I’ve started working on fiverr as Logo Designer. Feeling lucky to get such a big order of $250 but the buyer is very picky. I’ve given many revisions but still not satisfied. Will cancellation affect on my gig impressions or career? Please help!!!

Cancellations have a small effect compared to negative ratings. However, at some point those $250 are worth nothing. If it takes you 100 hours to make $250, then you’re making $2.5 an hour, that’s not worth it.

I think you would have been better off with a $5, $20, or $50 order. Remember, the more they pay, the more they expect.

Thanks for your comments. I am a new seller so not got that level. Should I go ahead and cancel it as I dont see buyer will agree at any cost. I fear if he gives me negative rating then that will be double loss. Please advise!

if you think you deliver the order according to buyer and he still ask for revision than contact fiverr support. cancellation is not a good option at all.

I think you should to try complete buyer demands. try again…

Try to complete it first, If, buyer isn’t satisfied than ask for mutaul cancelation. You are new on fiverr therefore, negative review cab hurt your profile.

I think that if the buyer is paying so much, they have a right to be picky. But you also need to consider yourself as well. Perhaps if you show the buyer that you’re trying your best, they’ll show some mercy in a review.

For an order of that sum to go wrong, one thing is clear - there was lack of communication between the buyer and seller.
If you feel it was the buyer’s mistake, and if you’ve done $250 worth of your time to get the delivery perfect for them, you don’t have to send a refund. A negative review that you don’t deserve will be removed by Fiverr’s Customer Support on request.
However, if you feel it was lack of communication on your part - then you do owe the buyer a refund.
Curious to know what the order was about, as I design custom logos as well. If you haven’t cancelled yet and would still like to make another attempt at pleasing the buyer, feel free to contact me with the order requirements - I’d love to help (free of charge) to help you avoid a refund.

How is the buyer being picky, out of interest? Is it changing the shade of a color, adjusting a shape, what?

Try to complete it first,

Why one will ask for the modification if the delivery is according to their expectations? o.O

I like your video and I’m surprised that you are a real girl, as most sellers from Pakistan are boys with a girl’s image as profile image.

But however, I drift off…

The big problem is that you offer unlimited revisions. I don’t know it the results you send to the buyer are watermarked. I hope they are, otherwise it can happen that he uses your material anyway after a cancellation.

If you feel that it’s not possible to satisfy the buyer, you could go for a mutual cancellation. This way he will not be able to leave a negative feedback.

I see that other logo-designers from Fiverr are buying your gigs. So you must do something right.

You can deliver the work and let the buyer know that if he can’t give you 5-stars, you’ll refund his order. Of course, he might ignore you and give you 3-stars.

Or, you can attach something and press “send,” before you use the deliver button. Ask your buyer if he likes your work and then if he does, click “deliver” and just write something like: “Thank you” or whatever. Of course, to do this you need to make sure your order isn’t due in less than 24 hours. Otherwise you might end up being late and suffer a force cancellation.

I suggest you spend some time on the Fiverr Academy, they explain things well then.

Good luck.

I would suggest you to go with the cancellation and to save negative review, go with mutual agreement with he buyer that will help a lot.

I disagree with a lot of the previous comments. I try to stay away from being blunt and saying things like “If you’re not going to give me 5 stars, I’ll give you a refund”. This just illustrates a lack of faith in your quality of work. Rather, you should say something on the lines of: “If you are fully satisfied with the service provided, I would appreciate a positive review. If not, I am more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have!”. As a customer, even if I was completely satisfied, I would be a little annoyed that someone asks for 5 stars. Every now and then when I make orders on fiverr, if a seller ask I don’t get annoyed, but that is only because I am a seller myself and see their point of view. Not every buyer may see it that way though. You should show faith in your quality, but still show a willingness to make corrections. This can prevent a customer from being rash and giving you a negative review. Best of luck. Cheers.

I totally agree with @silberma1976. $250 is a big order for the logo category. Does this involve more than 1 logo design? If so, for future orders you might want to consider splitting it up into a smaller order and maybe do a test gig first.

I’ve ordered design services and paid much less than $250 and been picky. I worked with the designer closely and had him continue to modify the design until it looked the way I wanted it. Welcome to being a professional designer. That buyer has a right to be picky especially since you offer unlimited revisions.

I can’t tell if they are really unreasonable as picky is not specific. But buyers of design services can have a right to be picky and how else can they get the design they want?

Please describe what you mean by picky. If you mean they are being difficult, or hard to work with and you get the feeling they are not happy then cancel it.

Buyer is rejecting every design, though all the designs are creative and professional according to its business, but not getting the goals yet.

Misscrystal, I can understand that the order is too big in our category but there must be an end result. I dont see that yet

He should be able for that price to get at least 6 changes made.

They should be smaller changes in keeping with his original request. If he still can’t be happy after that you can refund his money.


I do not think it is professional unless you are a belly dancer to show all that. You may find that by projecting an unprofessional image you get more difficult buyers.