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I've got a pending earning for like more than 2 weeks now. Is this normal?


Well I’ve delivered a service to a client. Its been 2 weeks now. I am not sure if the client is supposed to click on a button to release the payment or something. So how long will the pending take place or how will this be cleared?


That’s a really weird issue! Usually, the order will be marked as complete after three days if the buyer has not marked it as complete already, so that could add an extra three days to your waiting time if it happened automatically (and therefore three days later). However, if you go on your revenues page and click the ‘pending clearance’ value, it should show you a list of your income with bars underneath. The fullness of the bar shows how close it is to being cleared, and, if you hover over the bar, it will tell you the exact date you’ll be able to access it!

Hope I helped!


There is no issue here. If the buyer does not leave you a review, the order is completed automatically after 3 days. Only THEN does the payment start clearing and the 14 day countdown begins. So, technically, you can receive payment in 14-17 days. That is one reason that you want buyer feedback. To start the clearance of your payment and to promote your gig.


It clears at midnight at the end of the third day.

So if it was delivered on the 4th at 3pm for instance it would not clear until 00:01 on the 8th.


I have had gigs that completed automatically after 3 days in absence of a buyer’s rating. That went fine. However one gig was due to complete yesterday after I had delivered 3 days earlier.

It is not pending clearance either!

Is this a glitch?


Thank you ryangilliam. I will wait until tomorrow then. Otherwise I will report it as a glitch.