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I've got an idea for a new gig... BUT

… I’m not sure if it will be allowed.

It involves asking for buyer data such as contact details.

It’s not for me to use personally, it’s for the gig idea (sorry to be vague!).

Will Fiverr allow it?



Many of us on Fiverr make real, physical items that must be shipped. So we have to obtain full names & addresses. On packages going outside the U.S. (where I’m located) I’m also supposed to add telephone numbers on the custom’s forms altho I usually don’t bother. And since many gigs involve doing website/page upgrades or installations, then they must sometimes need url’s in cases where they can’t just put the data in a file. Some people give language lessons or need to talk on Skype. I believe they need to get clearance from Fiverr ahead of time to do that, but I’m sure you could ask someone with that type of gig.

I think you should actually submit this question to fiverr support.

Why take the chance?

They’ll be happy to accept it or not

:slight_smile: Joe |2014

I frequently get info for my gigs. As long as you’re using it to create or ship the product it should be fine. Just don’t call or email them outside of Fiverr.

Reply to @jtengle:

That’s what I’m thinking.

Thanks for the replies everyone.