I've got email saying We've been informed of a dispute via PayPal


I’ve got email saying We’ve been informed of a dispute via PayPal , I deliver the goods to the buyer and even got a 5 START REVIEW . and fiverr refund him the money, I try contact the buyer but he his no longer a member of fiverr.
What’s up with that ? Anyone know?


It looks like your buyer did a PayPal chargeback. I despise the term “suck it up” but that’s what will need to happen here. The buyer got the product and their money back and Fiverr just bans them from doing business here again. In most cases, there is nothing you can do. It sucks because what your buyer did was dirty and you won’t get paid for your time and efforts.


Thanks for your quick respond, that’s what I thought
Then he can register again under different name and do it again :frowning: That is really suck
Thanks Again


Sorry to hear for your loss, but there is no mistake on the side of Fiverr. Paypal needs to take some action regarding this… :confused:


Thanks for your support :slight_smile:


May be Buyer filled chargeback or used stolen card for payment, that;s the reason its order cancel and refunded and buyer banned from fiverr.

BUT for further clarification please contact with customer support. Thanks


Geez that is awful, I am so sorry to hear that.

Checking out the responses it sounds like that buyer has been banned from Fiverr but that doesn’t help you with getting paid for a job already done.

I guess this type of thing will happen every now and then, I just hope you didn’t lose too much.


That is the big thing Paypal dispute sucks. same thing happened with my friend he delivered the order and got 5 star but he got dispute after that.


Chargebacks are a function of the global Credit Card protection laws, which is what Paypal follows. It’s not that they are eager to allow people to do chargebacks but even they are helpless as Fiverr is, because once the person decides to do a credit card chargeback, even Paypal has a tough time. It sucks in some cases but that’s the cost of doing business. It is a bane of modern technology that in the interest of the ‘larger good’ of enabling a large number of users to do large number of remittances quickly it also allows for bad things to be done quickly. The more convenience we seek the more potential attrition we face. For example, if you activate mobile banking on your phone and then lose your phone, it becomes that much more easier for someone to access your bank.

Paypal does have a counter-dispute lodging mechanism and with my personal experience I can say that once you give them the green light, they go to the extent of disputing the buyer’s claims by sending a mail to the buyer’s credit card company with the proof that you have delivered what was promised and that the buyer actually bought those items and they were not delivered/ordered in error, as the buyer claims. Paypal takes a 10$ fee for fighting the dispute but given that they won the dispute for me, I didn’t mind.

Two ways to never lose a Paypal dispute is to :
Send a tangible product : This makes you eligible for seller protection.

Even if you are a seller of digital products, you can burn your files onto a CD and mail the CD to the buyer and add the shipping tracking code to your Paypal.

Payment in stages : If the buyer made payments using multiple accounts or using multiple stages using the same account, then they lose the ability to do a chargeback.

This applies to Paypal, and since Fiverr is the middleman here, it is Fiverr which is the ‘seller’ which needs to file a counter-dispute to prevent their sellers from losing revenues. It doesn’t matter if the buyer has closed his Fiverr account or Paypal account. Paypal has all the data on file to ensure that the documents are forwarded to the buyer’s bank and the counter-dispute is followed through by Paypal’s legal team.

Fiverr should hire a legal team like that, to deal with chargeback issues. When someone files a chargeback, they are making a binary choice, there is no grey area here. Either the buyer ordered the gig and the seller delivered it, or there was a case of seller fraud (which is what the chargeback implies). Basically, every case of a chargeback claim is either a legit fraud on part of the seller or a perjury on part of the buyer. If it’s the latter, the buyer must be chased down with equal enthusiasm. Now, individual sellers neither have the legal heft nor the inclination to pursue these measures, but Fiverr, as an institution can set up a dispute-mitigation team with a nominal cost. Just the presence of such a team will serve as a deterrent to potential bad apples.

Until then, here’s a happy Sheeba : http://i.imgur.com/1N7PRAp.mp4