I've got mail that my order is deliverd, but there was no logo included, the seller doesn't respond


Two days ago I had a message from HOTSEOBACKLINK (where I ordered my logo) that my order was delivered and that it will be marked as completed within 3 days.

Also, I’m supposed to give a review about my logo.

I still didn’t receive anything, while my order would be ready within one day.

I send him a couple of e-mails, but he doesn’t respond yet on any mail.

If it takes longer, it’s okay. But at least I would like to get a mail that I know my logo is coming. And it’s also strange that he put my order on delivered.

What is the best thing to do?

And if I cancel my order, do I get my money back?

Is there anyone who has experience with HOTSEOBACKLINK?


I already tried this several times, but unfortunately the seller didn’t response.


Simply request modifications from your Seller using the Resolution Center or the button available on the order page. If there’s no further response or insisting on accepting what isn’t advertised, please contact Customer Support to review the order further.