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I've got my first five star review...any advice on getting more orders?


Hi, I just completed my first order and received a 5 star review. Will my gig receive more exposure because of this and will I receive more orders? Any more advice to get more order is in the future? Thanks in Advance!


congratulation, do more promotion.


How? I don’t have any social media.



Keep doing what you were doing, I guess. Having reviews definitely helps when people look at your profile, but unless they’re looking at your profile in the first place I don’t know how much it makes a difference.

I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that people with one review aren’t promoted any differently than people with none. It takes some time to build up enough reviews that people will actually be seeking you out.


How long did it take you before you had orders coming in regularly?


Also, I see that one of your gigs are featured. How does the feature process work and how do you become featured? Does being featured help get more orders?


I’m a terrible example because I’m very inconsistent with my Fiverr use and sometimes have to turn on vacation mode to make time (I’m a student). But I’d say ten reviews per gig at the least?

I think input from others here would be more useful.

Being featured does help get more orders from what I’ve experienced, but unfortunately we don’t have any insight into how it works. As far as I know it seems kinda random, although I’m sure there’s something going on behind the scenes. :confused:


Thank you. I create animated videos so it’s kind of hard to get 10 orders coming to your gig and ordering from your gig page before orders will start pouring in. I only get around 10-20 views per day, and no one has actually bought something from my gig page. I guess I should just use buyer requests!


It took me two weeks to get the order I got, just by using buyer requests, so I guess it will be a long time.


I’d say that’s a pretty good idea! I’ve found most of my work via BR. I know some people get a lot out of social media marketing, but I’m very much a newbie in that regard. It’s worked for me, so whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

It can take quite a while! My first order came in five days, although I’m pretty lucky. Hang in there, and take things slow :blush:


Thanks again for the advice!


Congratulations, You did exactly what you need to do to rise in the rankings. Keep it up and you will see results, though they are not immediate.

Patience and good work will get you there.